How long will it take for umkay to be banned?

Does it just take some time? Will she be banned by this time tomorrow? I assume that it is clear to all that she is the same (fake) person as “sezyou” from the What to Expect boards, as set forth in the pit thread? It’s not against the rules to ask about someone’s banning in this forum, correct? Thanks in advance, just wondering.

I for one hope umkay does not get banned.

I fell for everything. I can admit that. It was good writing. Good character. Sure now that things have come to light it is more obvious but what the hell. Nothing lost.

This is a message board about fighting ignorance. Many of us fed into it. It is possible the writer is just a pure troll but also possible someone working on a character for a book or movie or some experimenter. Through some investigation we found out some incriminating details. it was stimulating and successful on both sides.

This was a fun diversion to my isolated remote island life. I thoroughly enjoyed every min. of it. It would be cool for umkay to come back and post a little on the reasons why but I do not really need one.

I would like to see umkay not get banned just for the chance of another post.

Geez, can’t you people just let it go? Sometimes I’m ashamed to belong to this message board.

You know better than that.