Umkay has been banned.

Umkay has been banned.

There is evidence that s/he is not the rich, beautiful, plucky quadriplegic s/he has presented him/herself to be, but in fact a person who has created false personas not only here at the SDMB but at other message boards as well.

From the registration agreement:

“We reserve the right to revoke the posting privileges of persons misrepresenting themselves on the SDMB.”

As we said earlier, we’ve been fooled before. We will doubtless be fooled again.

If you do see a situation on the board that you suspect – as in this case – the proper way to handle it is to let management know privately about your concerns. It’s okay to be skeptical, to be critical, even to be dubious – but we remind everyone to follow the rules of the board while doing so.

You can send us email or PM us or just report the posts you find suspicious via the normal channel of the “report this post” function. Detail your concerns. We value your input and certainly want any information you might have.

We’re still not asking you for ID before you register or before you post. :slight_smile:

We do ask that people not indulge in recriminations/beating up on each other on how this all played out. It’s a weird and wacky world and just when you think you’ve seen it all, along comes something else. Even after all these years I’m still able to be shocked and surprised at what I find here, mostly in a good way but, sadly, not always.

We do not keep notices of bans open for comment and this thread is no exception.