I Pit NotOkay for convincing the entire board umkay had died!

YOU RAT BASTARD! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!!! She quickly became a well loved member, on the strength of 2 threads! You had us shocked and saddened, only for her to come back and reveal she’s alive and well (relatively speaking)

As a veteran of a thousand board wars(Blue Oyster Cult baby)

I’d wait and see what shakes out here, even if you have the logs a sufficiently advanced individuals can mask sock eulogizing. You’d be shocked at what kind of things people will do for drama.

meh. It was a troll. Don’t feed it.

Yes indeed. The plausibility meter has been dinging like crazy lately.

One of the sad outcomes of this is the next time someone really dies, instead of {{hugs}}, we will probably get posts like

“Oh, yeah? :dubious: Go fuck yourself!”

My money’s on Umkay and NotOkay being one and the same, and a masterful player. How they’re going to tell if this is so, of course, is a whole nother question. Don’t touch that dial!

Hmm… maybe. My money says that is not a sock, but one of his friends fucking with him.

If they are two different people, and a hoax has been perpetrated on umkay, then I’m happy she is alive, and glad that folks on the Dope are so compassionate.

If they are the same people, I’m sad someone has such a need for attention that they’d do something like this, but I’m glad that folks on the Dope are so compassionate.

Whatever the outcome, it makes me feel good that Dopers care.

I vote for this as the most boring and redundant pitting ever.

Yeah, I suspect the same thing. Glad someone said it.

etv78 you weird little man, could you please at least put in a link or something to tell us normal people what the fuck you are talking about.

http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=656130 - link claiming umkay died

http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=656166 - link saying umkay has not died

The whole thing smells of mermaid.

We weren’t all convinced. I don’t know what set off the alarm for me, I usually don’t pick up on something like that, but it just seemed wrong. I saw others in the ‘dead’ thread had misgivings also. Anybody got an idea why that thread had the strong scent of shit?

What I noticed was that there was only the one post. Other notification threads by surviving family members always had multiple posts.

I bought it completely. I’m an idiot. The only thing I remember even slightly bothering me was the use of “in her last days” which seems to paint a picture of someone with a longer illness, someone who knows its fatal. But umkay had not posted when she knew she was dying, or anything. But I glossed over that assuming it was a brother in grief and not writing clearly.

I feel like a great fool now, of course, but rather like that the ultimate outcome is that she never died at all. For that payoff, I’ll happily be a fool.

I have avoided every single thread by Umkay/NotOkay from day one, but I will pop in to say this…“Notokay”'s name should have been a major red flag. That is clearly a troll. No true friend would choose that as a handle to deliver news like that. It wouldn’t exactly be the time for silly wordplay.

Yuuuup. This whole thing smacks of some late 90s / early 2000s style pseuicide trolling. Anyone remember Honesty?

As distasteful as the whole thing is I’m angry at myself for being taken in.


Exactly. In the threads about Santo Rugger’s rehabilitation from his injury, his mom posts as SantoRugger’sMom. That’s the kind of screen name I’d expect.

I don’t get the mermaid reference!!!