Let's rate pics of beautiful but anonymous people (another objectifying Rhymer thread)

The flip side of this thread: Famous people you’d like to see naked.

First a few rules:

[li]I’m looking for photographs of real people only. No paintings, no drawings, no CGI, please. [/li][li]By “anonymous,” I mean that the model’s full name is not given in the credits, and the model is not so famous that you’d expect him or her to be generally recognized; I don’t mean that you couldn’t find out the person’s name given some research.[/li][li]Male or female is fine. If someone can figure out a way to rationalize putting a pciture of Taye Diggs here that’d be great, but sadly I have not been able to.[/li][li]For purposes of this thread, I’ll say that beauty is in the eye of the respondent. That is, in posting your reply, rate the previous pic a scale of 1 to 10.[/li][li]I don’t give a good goddamn whether the pics are naked are not, but I would suggest that anyone wishing to post nude pictures do so from inside a spoiler box.[/li][li]I had another suggestion but I forgot what it was. Stoopid middle-age. It was a brilliant idea, too. Oh, now I remember!. If you’re posting a link to a SFW picture in a photo gallery that includes NSFW pictures, please give us a warning. That’s what Aslan would do.[/li][/ol]

I’ll start with a woman named LelaRae whom I discovered on Deviant Art. Here she is in a pic title “Yes, I Also Wear Glasses.” Please note that though this picture is SFW, most of the rest of the gallery is not, including the next one:

Silver Crawl is the title of this one.

Not a fan of the painted on eyebrows.

This cheerful looking lady caught my eye a while ago.

6 out of 10 for the glasses picture. She looks nice but too pointy to me (the title is also off-putting for me - it strikes me as a little obnoxious).

Here’s a picture of a lovely lady - as far as I know, she’s anonymous.

I think the word you’re hunting for is “Romulan”.


Meh. I’d give her a 5. She might be cuter if she’d grow her hair out.

There was this girl I saw working at Long John Silver’s on a road trip. And, apparently, I’ve been on the Dope so much that my first thought was wondering what you guys would think of her. I had a cell phone with a camera, but there’s no way I was going to have the guts to ask, and I’m not taking someone’s picture without their permission.

I guess I’ll answer the girl in this thread: I can’t see the naked one, and the other isn’t that flattering: 6. (The other lady is too old for me, and I’m not going to judge)

My submission is one I found in a CollegeHumor video. I’d post a screenshot, but the best ones are all too blurry. She does look a bit like the LJS girl, but she’s got much lighter red hair, and, well, better teeth.

No longer anonymous - She’s Ellie Kemper (currently she’s on the Office). I’d rate her a [10 on the cuteness scale](http://thighswideshut.org /images/tv/office/Ellie_Kemper.jpg).

Wow, I have the perfect image for this thread.

I was doing a Google image search looking for paintings of the 16th-century French collector Claude Gouffier.

Somehow…I found her.

Notwithstanding the weird expression (which I actually like) - that is my kind of face. Actually, she looks like a whiter version of my girlfriend. Same face structure.

If it’s possible to have a crush on a random image on what appears to be a Polish website containing nothing but unending lists of names, well, I’m hopelessly crushin’.

What the fuck is that site anyway? What purpose does it serve? “Claude Gouffier” does not appear on it so I have no idea how my Google search led me to it.

Are videos OK?

My submission is the College in PJs girl…who sadly still remains anonymous.


Holy Crap! I thought I was the only one who liked the college in your pjs girl. I could never find that commercial on youtube and had to wait while watching tv…

I sometimes save pictures of beautiful people from the internet. Usually they are famous people, but I couldn’t find a name for this model, who I saw in a sidebar ad.

Her eyebrows are bothering me. They are too short, too wide in the arch area, and too thin in the corners. Seriously, who did that to her? Otherwise, she strikes me as very very average. Attractive enough, but not spectacular.

She’s not objectively attractive, but I like her attitude.

Dopers of a certain age will probably recognize this person immediately, but she might be anonymous to others:


Jeez, is this the 21st century equivalent of masturbating to the Sears catalog?

I wish Snorgtees was around when I was twelve.

This strikingly beautiful woman from the Wikipedia article about redheads.

I hope Skald will pardon my asking, but are her initials M.P.?

Looks like Ali McGraw to me

I was wandering along today and saw a picture in a window of a wool and yarn store that had this covergirl for Australian Yarn magazine.

I’m personally quite in love with the girl from this commercial. It took weeks of on-and-off searches for me to find the actress’ name (it’s the one in the second-to-top comment of the video now) and when I did …well … never heard of her so it didn’t really accomplish anything.

Clearly, based on the comments in the video, I’m not the only one who became a big fan.