Another commercial cuties thread

Because we haven’t done one of THESE in a while.

I have two nominations. First, the very cute blonde in the TruValue hardware commercial: first we see her so frustrated over trying to pick a paint color that she messes up her own hair, then, working at the store, she helps a woman in the same conundrum. Second, the even-cuter brunette in the Ford Fusion commercial who notices a hunky gent in the car behind her while picking up her dry-cleaning; she pays for his dry cleaning as well and gives her card to the attendant to pass on. (If only that would happen to me!)

Anybody else?

Who is the cutie brunette in the commercial where the guy is buying beer and she comes up talking on her headset phone and he thinks she is talking to him?

the pigtailed brunette in the pringles as is so cute I want to put her in my pocket.

A few years ago there was this curvy red head who was in a two ads that were running at the same time (One was for burger king I think and I forget the other). I was madly in love with this girl. I think I even posted a thread on the dope (this was a long time ago I just realized- 4 years ago?) asking if there was an IMDB for commercials.

The Diet Coke commercial with the roller skating blonde on the board walk- I was at an audition for a improv troupe with her. She was very nice.

Who is she? I would go totally John Hinkley, Jr. over her.

The fairy in the commercial with the fairy and the SUV.

I think that the Aveeno TV commercial lady is luminously lovely.

There’s a young guy named Gavin Bellour who has been in a boatload of commercials, including ads for Napster, Verizon, and TGI Friday’s. I am old enough to be his momma (or maybe even his granny), but I looove this guy. He has kind of a sly, sweet, geeky look that makes me feet all melty.

The chick from the Mercury car commercials

I thought the perky blonde announcer with the high voice in those Old Navy ads was super-cute, and then I found out she was a big Broadway star, who played one of the leads in Wicked. Kristin Chenoweth – and she even modeled for some sexy bikini photos in one of those generic men’s magazines! I saw her about a month ago on Late Night With Craig Ferguson, and she was naturally funny and charming, and seemed like she’d be a fun girl to know.

Oh, good. For a second there, I thought you meant this blond.

I was going to mention her. She really is quite beautiful.

Is it her looks, or is it her fairy-mones? :stuck_out_tongue:


Also, Old Spice sweat girl.

In a commercial for Yellow Book, where the announcer says “Yellow Book cola sounded good,” there’s a girl in jeans and a white tank top. And then we get a closeup of her face as she drinks the cola. If you’ve seen it, you know what I’m talking about.

I’ll be in my room.

She was also a recurring character on West Wing if memory serves.

She also had her own sitcom for approximately 10 seconds.

Here is some info (with pix) about the Yellow Book Cola gal.

Yep. I would bend any of those babes over a Trans Am’s fender and do them in the butt. They’s GORGEOUS!
The cruise ship series of ads has some attractive people in them. From the cutsie themed ads to the generic ‘come with us’ ads, a lot of pretty people. I like the tall thin blonde chick who appears to be getting stalked by a video paparazzi that ends up being her husband. That little kid (somewhere between 12 and 15?) in the searching for her smile themed ad is going to grow up to be a heartbreaker, mark my words. (No, I’ll keep her away from the Trans Am for a few years, thank you very much.) She’s already quite charming and has all the potential to grow up right purdy. I’ll buy her for my son.

That faerie in the Dodge ad is extremely sexy. Maybe it is just faerie moans, but she’s got a look-a-tude, I’ll tell you whut!

The local news here has a longish ad that plays only on the early AM new show with this hometown blonde honey just a beltin out a rocksy little country song about the channel. Besides being cute as all get out in a very country girl way (you know what I mean), she has an awesome voice. I would kill the pope’s dog for her.

That would be Jill Wagner, according to internet sources.

My fav right now is the blond from the Old Navy Madras commericals, who is apparantly Autumn Armstrong.


Something about those Old Navy girls. I started a thread a while back on the blonde from the Xmas commercials where the singers would just show up in random places. Then I fell in love with a brunette with incredible eyes at a bowling alley that the group was singing to. Now it’s the one that just starts dancing around and spawning even more happy dancers. If somehow things got boring in the sack (yeah right), she could always just spawn a couple more hotties to make things more interesting.