Favorite commercial hottie

You know the one, the hottie, whether male or female, that keeps you from changing the channel whenever the commercial comes on. You might not buy the product but you sure do enjoy their ads.

A lot of people enjoy the Overstock.com cutie pie and there’s all sorts of blogs devoted to the Old Navy blonde.

My favorite is the Tic-Tac Mints blonde hottie. The one in the white room wearing the white clothes and boots. You know who I’m talking about - she wants to to freshen her breath, not punish it for being bad. Humina humina, hoochie ma-choochie, su-su-sudio, she’s awesome! I can’t for the life of me find a link for her.

Who’s your favorite?

Remember, we need links! :smiley:

I gotta go with Brooke Burke from the surreal Burger King commercial with Hootie but without the Blowfish. Vida Guerra and the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders from that same commercial don’t hurt my eyes to look at either.

I’m a fan of the Orbitz gum lady. “For A Good Clean Feeling, No Matter What!” She reminds me a bit of my ex.

I also kinda wish that GEICO’s parody “Tiny House” was real, because the wife is pretty damn cute.

I don’t know what it is about the Overstock.com woman, but she scares me.

I used to like the blonde on the Bumble Bee Tuna commercial. I like the Japanese woman in the commercial about the car finder website. (Um… Can I see it in red again?) I think the cutest though, was the brunette in the travelocity commercial who wants to learn how to surf. She has a nice smile.

You know how her schlub of a husband had a nightmarish fantasy about her getting picked up by the predatory surfing instructor? The predatory surfing instructor was really hot.

I loved that commercial.

Overstock’s Sabine is a honey. But my favorite of the moment is the tall, blue-eyed, lush-lipped blonde from the E-Loan.com ads. The one who looks like a younger, less nip/tucked Deborah Norville.

Agreed, agreed. I came in here to say just that. :smiley:

I’ll have more later, when I watch more TV. The adverts have just been sliding over me lately. I know there are a handful where I sit up and take notice, though, I just won’t remember them until they come back on.

I really dig Mandy Amano, the half-Asian girl from the Pepsi/iTunes ads who does a little wiggle-dance to the Gwen Stefani song “Rich Girl.”

I thought the female Dell Intern was pretty cute, too.

Megan Mullally seducing M&M’s: Nothing Rhymes with Orange

All the Megan you could want (Warning, site plays audio track from her album.)

I came in here just to post this answer. I hate reality TV, but I’d be glued to that show.

I think Nicole Sullivan is now doing soda comercials.

That makes me smile…

Nicole Sullivan was in the Sierra Mist ad.

THE hottest woman in all of commercial history is “Ava Savalot” from the 1-800 COLLECT commercials, especially when she had brunett hair, before she switched to blond.

For some reason, I’m heinously attracted to the awkward amazonian girl in the Best Buy commercial where the marionette goes in to buy a laptop.

This is kinda awesome. :cool:

Oh HELL yeah.

I’m also rather fond of that woman who extolls the virtues of Levitra. I don’t care if she’s selling wood pills, she’s hot.

You mean That Pepsi Girl?

I like the girl in that commercial – it’s for a car, I think – where this couple is driving their downstairs neighbor bonkers by cranking up the music and dancing. Then they go buy some bigger speakers and you are led to believe that they’re REALLY pissing their downstairs neighbor off, but it turns out they’ve bought a house, so they can be as loud as they want.

I’m mesmerized by the hot redhead in that one “Special K” commercial which uses The Commodores’ “Too Hot to Trot.” She looks exactly like a younger Marg Helgenberger.

Oh, and for you trivia fans, the actress from GEICO’s “Tiny House” commercial was the older sister on Nickelodeon’s “The Secret World of Alex Mack.” She was on “The View” discussing the commercial and I immediately remembered her face from the show.

I like the Coke commercial, with a small group of people roller-skating near a beach with a 70’s vibe. The song is something like “starry-eyed…dance all night with this dj.” There’s this smiling blonde girl skating in circles with a coke in her hand. I like that commercial and that woman.

The song is “Starry-Eyed Surprise” by Paul Oakenfold and Shifty Shellshock.