A girl/boy appears outside your window. Not TMI. Examples from fiction.

Well, I just picked up a book of YA horror stories at the local thrift store. Inside was a story by Richard Peck, entitled “Girl at The Window.” Guess what it is about.

This reminds me of other stories I vaguely remember from fiction in which the exact same thing happens. Either the narrator walks into his room, and sees a girl there like see belongs in the place, or he looks out the window, and see someone waiting to be let in. Sometimes the cause is supernatural, some times it is not.

Another example I vaguely recall includes an old issues of RAW, the comic book Maus first appeared in. In the story, the narrator recalled how a girl would appear in his room every night, when he was a young boy. She was the same age as him, and she would show up, deposit a cache of night crawlers, Beatles, and other icky things, then leave again. It was implied that she was the daughter of a local family, which had no interest in what she did with her days. Weird and spooky.

Anyway, I was looking for whatever I can get about this. Any recollections of this story, or similar stories? No? How about an attempt to tell me what it means? Perhaps other examples of this happening in stories. Yes, I know it is far more narrow a subject than my past threads. Still, I would like to know.

I’m not sure I’d consider the Lads from Liverpool “icky”. Now, if was Pat Boone she kept dropping off, there would be a reason to scream.

Well, I seem to recall the story took place when Tony Sheridan was a member of the group, so…

Hey, wait a minute!

beetles :smack:

…ummm the movie version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer has a recently vamped David Argquette floating outside Luke Perry’s window trying to get him to let him in.

Oh… were you looking for print stories?

No, I said fiction, and I meant fiction, which includes comic books, movies, and books, among just some of the forms. Thanks for the example.

Rather famously: Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot. In the movie-made-for-TV, it was one of the creepiest bits of footage. (Scene is in the book itself as well, though)

Umm, for benefit of anyone who hasn’t read or seen it:

A boy’s younger brother gets killed — actually vampire-bitten, it turns out. Older surviving bro’s bedroom is on the second floor. Looks out next night and there’s his dead younger brother floating in mid-air, tapping on the window and asking to be let in.

Would Peter Pan count?

Maybe she came in through the bathroom window

Something like that happens with Door and Richard Mayhew to get the plot going in Neverwhere, IIRC. It’s been a long time since I’ve read it.

Wuthering Heights!
“He-ATH-cliffe! It’s me-ah Ca-thy-ah, I’m cold letmeinto your win-dow-ow!!!”

The Drifting Snow by August Derleth I think had vampires standing outside of windows. Creeped me out at the time.

Romeo & Juliet?

Wasn’t there a scene in The Lost Boys like that, too?

When I saw this the first thought I had was off almost any vampire story. Far from a young boy, but in the original movie Dracula he gets in through the window of the sleeping dame.

I read a YA book, I think it was one by RL Stein (but not a Goosebumps), where the same kind of thing happens to the kid.

IMHO it’s pretty overdone. Now a non-vampire kid outside someone’s window, that’d be creepier. But I don’t know anything that would relate to the OP.

That really great Twilight Zone episode where William Shatner kept seeing the monster on the airplane wing. John Lithgow does a better freak-out, though.

Obligatory Simpsons reference (Bart and Milhouse are floating outside Lisa’s bedroom window): Treehouse of Horror IV (season 5):

Nope, Richard and Jessica meet Door on the street after she’s been hurt trying to escape Vandemar and Croup.

Didn’t anybody tell her?
Didn’t anybody see?
Sunday’s on the phone to Monday,
Tuesday’s on the phone to me

Kate Bush! Oh it gets dark, it gets lonely
On the other side from you

That’s right, I remember. I knew it was something like that.