A golden oldie e-mail virus

I think I just got sent one of the original virus-delivering emails!

From: “Benaerens Thierry” <Thierry.Benaerens@ac-poitiers.fr>
Subject: Sequel to your non response

Dear Sir/Madam,
Your name was listed a beneficiary over the funds (4,500, 000.00Euro) belonging to my late client who died couple of years ago , deposited
with a Spanish Bank. This message might reach you in a shock, but, please
respond to it for a detail explanation mail. This was summarise for privacy purpose.
J.D Reid.(There was link here)

Either that or people are just out of creative means of giving people viruses. I’m so used to the ones about the IRS, FBI, Microsoft, job offers, etc. I feel like I should hold on to it as a little piece of history.

Hmm . . . I might have trouble getting 4.5 million Euros to the US. Will anyone help me? If you give me your account information I will just deposit it there for now . . . :smiley:

Yes, you may use my account for the Euros.

I then will use all the modalities to affect the tranfer of the moneys to your personal place. this will be accomplished soonest.

Yours in Christ,

Reverend Tutsie McClintock