A good and brilliant man died today

E. Donnall Thomas died at 92 today. He was the father of bone marrow transplantation.
I knew him. He encouraged me. He stood up for me when a bad thing happened. He was easy to talk to and quick to laugh.
He saved lives. So many lives.

Don, even though I haven’t seen you in 30 years, I’ll miss you. Sleep well, my friend, you deserve to rest.

I read a very nice article about him this afternoon. He truly was a pioneer in medicine, and his efforts have saved the lives of countless people.

May he rest in peace.
ETA: One of the things I took away from the article was like your comment - the general public knew him for the bone marrow transplant (if they knew him at all), but his friends and family knew what a great individual he was.


Wow, I know probably a couple people whose lives he saved by virtue of his trailblazing. I’ll bet many of us do. It must be very daunting to develop and perform a procedure that has never been tried – if it works, woo hoo; but if something goes wrong, you gotta take the backlash. Brave man. Rest in peace.