A good Daniel Craig (the next 007) interview


I really think he can pull this off, and I like the concept of a back-to-basics approach to 007. When Bond drove an invisible car a movie or two ago, my eye-rolling finally became a hazard to my optic nerve.

What say you?

For the first time in many many years I’m actually looking forward to a Bond film. Craig has already signed for the next Bond film as well.

Sir Rhosis

I don’t have an objection to Craig per se. But I do think they should have dyed his hair brown, and I do think they should have had someone other than Judi Dench as “M”, since this is supposed to be a prequel to all the Bond films.

I really hope that this “new approach” isn’t the humorless Bond of Dr. No and the Dalton films. Bond (to me) is supposed to have a sparkle in his eye, a witty rejoinder on his tongue, even as he carries out a dirty business.

You can forget about that twinkle in the eye. Craig is a dog-faced ruffian who looks like a cross between Joseph Lieberman and Vladimir Putin. His face is wretched and wrinkled with droopy eyes, like an old blood hound. He looks like he might break down sobbing at any moment. I have never seen anyone who looks less like the traditional perception of James Bond.

I saw Layer Cake and was unimpressed with Craig. He looked like an average Russian thug. He’s not suave-looking in any way.

Yep, for the first time a Bond film is an “opening day” film for me.

Daniel Craig is HOT, and a good actor and I can’t wait to see this.