We have a new James Bond

Daniel Craig

Never heard of him. Probably for the best.

I’ll believe it when I see it. Craig was one of the names tossed around for months, but there were dozens of other actors in the running. Last I heard, Pierce Brosnan had decided to play the part one more time.

But Shirley, you’re missing out if you haven’t seen Layer Cake, the British gangster film that introduced Daniel Craig to most American audiences. It’s one of the best movies of the year (or possibly last year), and you can tell from it that he’d make a great Bond. It just seems wrong to dismiss him completely out of hand like that.

I didn’t mean to dismiss him. I meant it is probably that I know so little about him so my expectations are so high.
Thanks for the tip on Layer Cake. I like British Gangster Films.

I can can see it.

The name is Gaine. Rogaine.

Maybe they could have gotten a better picture of him, there? It looks like our new 007 just got off his shift at a steel mill.

Then again, Connery was a bricklayer and a coffin polisher, so maybe it’ll work. Maybe.

Blond James Bond :confused:

Why is anyone complaining about the possibility of a blonde James Bond? In Connery we had a bald James Bond and no-one seems to have minded.

Ooohh. He’s excellent. I think he’s a nice choice.

And see Layer Cake. It’s really good, and you’ll see why Daniel Craig fits.

He was also in Tomb Raider. “And now, for a cold shower…”

I assume(please oh please) that they will dye his hair for the movies.

Haven’t seen Layer Cake but he was excellent in Enduring Love, though not very Bondish at all.

He looks like the love child of Sean Connery and Steve McQueen.

Craig is also in the headlines. He’s Jude Law’s best friend and he’s been sleeping with Sophie, ending the friendship and finally finishing Jude and Sophie.

What I was a bit thrown by in the article of other actors who have played Bond, was that they didn’t mention Barry Nelson. Granted he was an American, but Lasenby was Australian, Connery a Scot and Brosnan an Irishman so that he was not English should not be that much of stumbling block to mentioning him.

“Sophie”? Do you mean Sienna Miller Jude Law’s on/off fiancee? Or Sadie Frost, Jude Law’s ex-wife?

Anyway, Daniel Craig is a talented actor, very physical and will be a great Bond. He’s been in more films than you might think: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0185819/

I’d still have preferred Clive Owen, but that’s just because he looks damn fine in a DJ.

Yeah, Woody Allen wasn’t English, either. Nobody complained about him playing Bond.

Like hell we didn’t.

Uh, yeah. Sienna. :o

Well…it was made pretty clear in the books that he was dark haired…black in fact. So a bald Bond is not as ergregious as a blond Bond. But then they strayed from the physical type from the beginning (I think Brosnan came the closest) so I don’t know why it would be a big deal now.

Oh and not being English certainly shouldn’t be a stumbling block, Bond was half Scot and half Swiss.