A good format for resumes via sites

I am looking for a good format to put my resume in when I send it out via web sites. I usually go to Hcareers.com and I have tried a bunch of way of formatting it but nothing looks right.

Any good resume format that will hold up and still look nice?

Could you be more specific that “via web sites?” I’m not quite clear on what you are trying to do. I’ve noticed sites vary a lot - some want plain text, some allow attached MS Word or WordPerfect files, etc. I usually maintain an MS Word version of my resume, and then “save it as” HTML.

I am looking for the simpliest format that will hold up with the most web sites. Basically, if I am on hcareers.com and send them my resume it looks bad. So I have to spend 20 minutes adjusting it. Then I go to Wyndham.com and use the same format, it is fine. Then I go to hilton.com and the format is bad and the one that I used on hcareers.com is bad.

Here is another question, does anyone work with resumes that get emailed. Do they come out bad? You almost never can save them in word or wordperfect, as they don’t want files.