A good place to buy foreign books?

I am looking to buy some foreign books, specifically children’s books. However, I can not Romanian (the language I am looking for), and I was hoping some Dopers out there might have some ideas!

You might try contacting the following:

Asociatia Editorilor din Romania (A.E.R)
Romanian Publishers’ Association (RPA)
Bd. Magheru 35 ET. 4 4 Ap.42
701641 Bucuresti
Tel/Fax: 00 40 21 2125178, 00 40 21 2125162, 00 40 21 6503457
E-mail: info@romanianpublishers.org
Web: www.romanianpublishers.org

I tried a Google search (books romanian children’s), and came up with romaniandolls.com. Is this the sort of thing you had in mind?

Little Nemo, the link you provided for the website doesn’t work.

Peregrine yes, that is the sort of thing I am looking for.

Thank you Teeming Two :smiley: