A Good Script Writing Program?

I’m trying to begin writing on a regular basis and I’m going through a script writing phase right now. What I usually do is type a couple pages out on word and then format it to the usual script format. However, I find this to be very very tedious.

Does anyone know of a good program that I can buy or, preferably, download? I don’t know how they work but the one thing I want the most is something that has the right format to begin with.

On second though, maybe anything made or marketed towards writers.

It’s not the industry standard but it’s free and I like it: Celtx


If you’re willing to drop a couple hundred bucks, Final Draft is what most pros use. It’s really easy once you learn the keyboard shortcuts, too.


I just read Zen and the Art of Screenwriting by William Froug. There is an interview with Callie Khouri, who wrote Thelma and Louise --she said she uses something called Movie Master.

I set the formatting to center everything and then manually format whatever shouldn’t be centered.

I second Final Draft. It has templates not just for films, but also for plays, sitcoms, etc…