screenplay format question

Pitching a new TV series, had a great meeting today :smiley:
Pilot script is done, no problem.

But they want an episode breakdown for the rest of the season. I’ve got that written up as well.

But I have no clue what format the breakdown needs to be in. None of my producing friends know (most folks I know work in unscripted series), none of the screenwriting books I have tell you how to do episode breakdowns… I can always wing it and make something that reads well and looks good, but does anyone know of an established format for this sort of thing?

I know it’s a very specific question that not many folks here will know the answer to, but no downside to asking, so I’m hoping there’s someone out there who can help. =)

No idea, just want to wish you good luck!

Wouldn’t it be roughly the same as a treatment?

If not, I say the format should be: acted out in mime by a bunch of your friends.

There’s a board member named elenfair (I think) who works in the business. I’d suggest PM’ing her.

Not sure if it’s the same as a treatment or not. Hence the question. =) THanks for the name, Larry.

maybe two "n"s

Just sent a PM. Will see. And she may work in the industry and have no idea about this specific issue (like me).

She writes episodic TV series scripts, so she should be on top of it.