A Good Side Dish With Ramen?

My husband and I are doing a cook-in dinner date with a friend tomorrow evening. Said friend is going to handle the main course and I’m doing the sides. He’s making a ramen noodle soup and while my initial thought was to just do a nice, light vegetable stir-fry to go with it, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to solicit recipes for something a little less generic. Any ideas?

Well, being a ramen lover, I was going to suggest what I do to ramen. Toss in a couple big handfuls of frozen stir fry veggies and 5-6 frozen potstickers. Proceed to cook.


a nice batch of properly fried up potstickers might be an option too. Little sweet chili sauce to go with them…

Fish cakes with hot dip sauce always work well with asian style soups and salads for me.
I haven’t tried this recipe but it looks like the stuff I eat when eating out.

Sugar snap peas and/or asparagus with green onions and red bell pepper, stir fried with ginger and garlic. Turn the hear up at the very last and douse them with some soy sauce. Quit soon enough that they are still crisp.