A GOOD text editor for iOS?

There are dozens of text editors out there for iOS devices. And every one I’ve tried has sucked. As soon as I load in a reasonably large file in my iPod Touch, it bogs down. The simple act of selecting a block of text to delete, can take minutes!


This tiny computer in my pocket is a lot faster than half the computers I’ve used 3D animation! Is everyone using some mediocre Apple toolkit that sucks at handling text in any quantity? Is the memory management just that bad?

Where are the serious text editors? Where is the iOS equivalent of my beloved UltraEdit? Hell, I’d re-learn vi if it got me some speed!

69 views and nothing?

Is the Apple playground just that heavily regulated that nobody could write a decent text editor? I mean, a freaking 286 edits a megabyte text file faster than this thing!

I suspect the number of people who edit large text files on an ipod touch is rather small.

I regularly write text on an ipad with the built-in Notes app, and it’s fine. But each one is a few pages long at most. And I don’t do much editing.

I’ll note that iOS seems to have not figured out memory management for some reason. If you need more memory for an app, double click the home button to get to the recent apps dock, then hold down on one of the apps til it jiggles. Then delete all the apps in that dock to free up their memory. If an app is crashing or being slow I find this helps (rebooting also helps). I have no idea why iOS can’t do this automatically.

The native Apple pro text editing app for iOS is Pages. Have you tried that?


Yeah, I’ve asked before.

No, could someone who owns it load a large file into it and check the level of suckitude?