iOS text editor that handles LARGE files?

I have tried a dozen or more different iOS text editors for my 2nd generation iPod Touch, and every one I’ve tried bogs down to unusability when a text file gets above a certain size. The thing is, the processor and the memory in my iPod Touch is far more powerful than most of the computers I used in the 80s and 90s. So, what the Hell? Is there any particular reason no iOS programmer cannot figure out how to write an efficient editor?

Have you tried Evernote?

I’ve seen that page, but if it is a text editor, that functionality is WAY down on the list. I’m looking for something that specifically handles megabyte or larger text files quickly and efficiently.

Right now I have ReaddleDocs, and it bogs down as I start pasting more than 60k of text into one file. This is just stupid.


Is there a version of VIM that runs on an iPod Touch?