A Graffiti Artist Painted A Road Runner Tunnel On A Wall And Somebody Tried To Drive Through It

This appears to be a true story. There are pictures at the link. There is a large road runner painted next to the painted tunnel.

Okay. I can’t really trace this to any credible source so I’m becoming more skeptical.

Note that the two vehicles have different rear ends (one has a trunk, the other is a hatchback).

What the story didn’t mention is that the unconscious man was found holding a little sign that said “YIPE!”

Is it claimed that they’re the same car? I thought that was just a random car that was parked next to the mural when the photo was taken. It looks like a parking lot.

Note the lack of a date or location (not even a country). The source is the Mirror which is a UK tabloid. If you look at the wrecked car though it is left hand drive and not right as you would expect in the UK. It is a funny story, but I’m having problems believing it.

It’s a good thing he didn’t end up ike this:

Good point about the left hand drive.

What’s worse is that when the dazed guy got out of his car, a truck drove out from the painting and ran him over.

I hate when that happens. :smiley:

The source isn’t even original the Mirror. The source is a Reddit post that the Mirror posted about.

And to ruin it all:


This! The debunking links go into nauseating detail about this…but it doesn’t have any relevance at all to the issue. The photo of the tunnel has a car going by; the photo of the car with a dent is supposed to be evidence of the mishap.

No one is claiming they’re “the same car” and thus basing a “false” verdict citing their differences is sloppy logic.

There’s no proof the car was damaged by driving into the painting. Maybe an anvil fell on it instead.

^ That’s what happens when you forget your tiny umbrella.

Another theory is that it somehow involves a mishap with a giant slingshot.

Good thing Snopes didn’t base it on that. They mention it, along with a whole lot of other things, including the fact that they tracked down the apparent location of the fake tunnel and the people who built it say it was taken down before there were any accidents.

If I must be subjected to “artwork” on public buildings I wish it was this kind. Heck, let’s see
some duck shaped holes in walls or cat shadows and mouse holes.

If only he hadn’t had that Acme rocket tied to the roof.