A Gravity Pit (for warping the SDMB and its purpose by being a bumptious prick)

When I saw the title of the thread in question, I thought to myself, “A physics question! Those are always a fun read.” Then I saw who the OP was.

Bravo, sir.

That’s not really the way I saw it - they responded to you. You just didn’t seem to like their answers.

The problem with your correlation is that it is a significant departure. It effectively equates a theoretical entity - an entity that fits into a broader framework - with what is essentially pseudoscience.

To be clear, when I say ‘pseudoscience’, I’m not getting all ‘atheists are correct’ on you, what I’m saying is that “God” as an explanation is not on par with what is considered a scientific explanation. God could exist, yet my usage of pseudoscience would still be accurate in this case.

I’m not going to speak for him, but if you want to ‘ask questions’ then you need to do so in the appropriate venue. You need to learn the science, learn the theories, and put forth the questions in the appropriate venue.

The trouble with what you are doing is that you don’t have the education (neither do I, btw) to discern whether your question is a legitimate question. So to make a fuss about it as though it was definitively a subject that required equal treatment is a bit absurd.

It’s like if I went to my doctor and disagreed with his interpretation of my blood pressure. Sure, my great grandmother might be correct that everything is fine with me and that it’s in my head, but the fact remains that I should trust the current expert UNLESS I’m skilled enough and know enough to dispute it.

F*&kin gravities! How do they work?

I can has Graviton?

YES!! YES INDEED!! I am feeling this negative energy. My aura is fucking pulsating with it!

Yes, your comments generally don’t.

Anyone can ask questions, but you may not understand the answer. If you don’t understand the answer, it isn’t the scientists lack of imagination that is the problem. If you want to question the answer, you need to be educated in the field enough to point out the specific flaw.

He no longer deserves the benefit of the doubt, having abused it for years. Kanicbird has shown open disdain for the scientific method and repeatedly misuses scientific terms even after others have repeatedly attempted to correct him. He is deliberately ignorant, and is a living avatar of the ignorance we have been fighting since 1973.

I opened kanicbird thread about gravity when only two people had replied. I was incredibly tempted to answer that the attraction of the two ships was just God’s love pulling them together, or a “soul tie” between the two ships, but i didn’t want to threadshit or cause other problems in GQ.

While i think it’s generally preferable to give people the benefit of the doubt in GQ, kanicbird is one of those people whose “benefit” ran out a long time ago, at least for me.

How about “they want to make an anchor baby” ?

Correction: [Austin Powers]“They want to make an anchor, baby”[/AP]

Well, maybe, but Austin was an international man of mystery and seemingly unconcerned with green cards and such.

So what? The mods can close the thread if necessary.

A very common tactic used by the woo-ful is to claim that those who think critically and take an evidence-based approach are really dependent on “faith” and are intent on shutting down those brave mavericks who eschew dogma. This tack is used in an attempt to ridicule supporters of evolution but there are many similar applications in medicine and other areas of science.

Unfortunately for the mavericks, the “dogma” they despise is developed through logic, careful gathering of evidence and reproducible research.

And so it turns out that they are not mavericks at all, but just part of the endless sea of believers who think their personal convictions and collections of anecdotes trump science.

I think kanicbird keeps flailing away on his woo crusade, not because he thinks he’s convincing anyone here, but under the impression that somewhere out there among the Teeming Millions, there are others who while not deigning to post will experience Revelation and join his movement. The sad reality is that the few who might agree with him are all busy on woo-sites and the rest are laughing at his attempts to join battle with the skeptics.

I know this for a fact, since they have e-mailed me. :slight_smile:

That’s the spirit.