Quantum Physicist in our midst

I had given some thought to asking Palidors some questions that would be total cake questions to a QM physicist to see how he would respond.

So, what does everyone think? Should I bother, or should I just sit with the rather obvious conclusion that he is playing dress up games? Do you think he’d even try to answer?

No offense, but do you KNOW any quantum physics questions? (just kidding :wink: )
If so, go ahead and ask. In the mean time, I’ll dig out that Stephen Hawking book I’ve been meaning to read… Now what was the name of that thing?

S’okay, I always wear my flame retardant gloves before touching the BBQ Pit :slight_smile:

Hawking’s big book was A Brief History of Time. He has another good book out called Black Holes and Baby Universes and Other Essays. BH&BU covers a lot of the same ground as ABHoT, but it does have a few unique gems here and there.
So I’ll probably ask the questions if others don’t seem to think that it is a lame idea. Anyone want to take bets on what his response will be?

Will he ignore it? While a real physicist would respect skepticism and welcome a simple chance to validate himself, an “I don’t need to prove anything to you” answer seems like a likely candidate. Of course I hope that he would actually take a stab at answering them. That’d be more fun. :slight_smile:

Why don’t you ask him what are the main tenets of string theory? Any quantum physicist worth his salt could answer that in a heart beat.

I did have one string question in mind…

Okay, what the heck. Here goes. We’ll see if we can get a response. Of course if you read this and you aren’t Palidors, don’t answer the questions! At least wait until he’s had his chance.

Some of these might be answerable by someone with decent research skills, but some of them should be hard without substantial study.

  1. What would the spin of a graviton be, if it does exist?

  2. What does it mean conceptually if a particle has a spin of 0?

  3. Which detectable particles has superstring theory been successful at modeling?

  4. What is the quark composition of a proton?

  5. What is the quark composition of an electron?

  6. What would be the total energy (in electron volts) of an electron travelling at .999c?

I’m not a QM Physicist, but I’ll give it a try:

  1. Clockwise

  2. It’s not spinning.

  3. Really long pink and green strand particles… oops, sorry I thought you said sillystring theory.

  4. 37

  5. Yellow

  6. A shitload

Well, how did I do… Think Palidors will do any better?

LOL!! Hey, you gave away the answers! :wink:

My recent work on the Theory of Everything clearly shows that string theory, super or otherwise, is without merit unless you take into account that the strings have three ends and two middles.

I have also derived a mathematical proof which clearly demonstrates that the proton will NOT decay if kept in a cool, dark place.

Particles with -0 spin (that is, with less spin than none at all) will sometimes combine with a bottomless quark and a k-lamda particle ( this is a particle with no front and back, no top or bottom and no inside or outside. It is usually left-handed).

The resulting squeak can usually be remedied with a drop of oil.

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ah, but you said nothing of the highly sought topless quark :wink:

Aren’t they on Deep Space Nine, UDD?

Ewww. No thanks. Don’t wanna see him topless. :slight_smile:

If you want really tough questions related to quantum mechanics, forget about Hawking and instead dust off your old copy of The Feynmann Lectures on Physics, volume III.

I don’t even know how to do a Hamiltonian, much less use it to compute a Sum Over Histories. And how do you know when to stop adding Probability Amplitudes together and convert the answer into a straight real-valued probability?

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I see that although the ‘quantum physicist’ has visited the BBQ Pit for the purpose of starting his own thread to tell everyone how obnoxious they are, he hasn’t bothered to visit this one and answer the physics questions.

Maybe it wasn’t ‘physics’ he meant; maybe he just misspelled ‘psychics’.

He is a 13 year old high school freshamn, and will probably begin posting again soon under the name, Omnipotent.

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Mr Rogers…tell the Omnipotent-impotent one to go get a paper route or something, and please, dont bring anymore of your little friends over to play. There must be a teen chat room somewhere where you kids can get together.
It is kids like this that give folks like White Wolf a bad name.

kelli: It just goes to show that physical and mental ages are unrelated.

And I really agree with you about White Wolf. We need more posters like her.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Hey, I haven’t trolled yet, I post solely for the gaining of more knowledge, and to add my input where i think it would be helpful. I didn’t invite that egotistical jerk over, he invited himself when I said this is why I DON’T want to hang out in teen chatrooms with him. So, SCREW YOU.

"No job’s too small, we bomb them all."
-Ace Wrecking Company

Um … so! How 'bout that Stefan-Boltzman law, eh guys?