A great online source for Tolkien stuff

I just wanted to share this link with you Tolkien geeks out there. It’s one of the best sites I’ve found for JRRT trivia, and includes a lot of stuff from HOMES, something the much-touted “Encyclopedia of Arda” sorely lacks.

Annals of Arda

Here you can find obscure but important facts like the name of Fingolfin’s wife, the names of obscure Vala, and information on the other 6 tribes of dwarves. Hope you enjoy!

Thanks Doc. I’m just starting to look. It seems to be a much lighter touch than the EofA, which I like because of its somewhat scholarly style. The artwork on AofA is very pretty and the site seems to be more a labor of love of the webmaster than a collaborative effort. I’m going to enjoy checking it out.

Doc, check this out, it might be something you would like:


Another interesting site is


Carl Hostetter and his friends know so much about Tolkien’s languages that (quite literally) when Christopher Tolkien has questions about the languages, he goes to them for answers.