A gym for those who need help


Don’t know if this is real, but pretty disturbing.

Are you kidding? If they had those here I would join.

Yes, it’s real - they advertise very heavily on the local (Denver, Colorado) radio. They are the most expensive gym in the area, too.

In fact, the owner will be on a local radio station tomorrow morning defending his (IMO horrific) ads. The ads pretty much say that if you’re fat you’re worthless!

I dunno…I’m a fat person and I think I would go to that gym.

A big reason for being and staying fat is a lack of motivation. Sometimes coddling doesn’t work…

At least they give you your money back if you can’t take it.

Some people want to believe that they’re tough, kick ass, take no excuses, give no excuses terminators who have more sex than the rest of the human population put together. This gives them the opportunity to hand their money over to someone as evidence of this. If it works for them, more power to them.

I, on the other hand, still have flashbacks to the horrors of middle school gym and would prefer to exercise in an environment that treats me with fluffy bunny kid gloves. Fat or not, I don’t think I’ll be joining their gym.

Custom meal plans that “let you have carbs, alcohol, and even pot” and…

Um… Seriously? I’m thinking “not for real.” But still disturbing.

I’d want to join, but I’d be afraid. And I’m not out of shape!

I’m in pretty good shape and would only go to laugh at them. The only people who are that loud about how bad ass they are tend to be real pussies.

It’s like if Carlos Mencia ran a gym.

“Get down and give me 50, beaner! Yeah, that’s right! I just used a racial slur! I’m funny and edgy, and I won’t apologize for it! Everybody is like, ‘But Carlos, you can’t say that stuff.’ Well too bad, pussy! I’m not politically correct!”

They picked a good city. Denver has lots of attractive young 20-30-somethings, and every time I’ve been there I’ve been impressed at how much of a workout culture the city has. If there was ever a city where advertising with athletic sex was a good tactic, Denver is it.