Fuck you, Anti-gym Jeff Gannon lookalike

Ok, I kept quiet during your horrible radio commercials. I intensely disliked them enough to change stations every time I heard one of your asslickingly bad comments, and I still do. But I kept my mouth shut.

But last night, during Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares, Fox had the utter gall to sell you two time slots for your utterly horrific, bad in every sense guttermercials.

Who the fuck are you, you bullying toadfucker to pretend to have the miniscule shaved balls to depict yourself smashing a plate of chocolate cake on some overweight actress spouting in your obnoxious accent that “Chubbies don’t get no hubbies”.

So I pit the Jeff Gannon looking fuckwad bully, I pit the actress who allowed herself to be chocolate plate slammed by that hair deprived prick. I pit Fox, but I don’t pit the bull dog walking away because his ass looked better than the Anti-Gym doodle fart that was supposedly the protagonist of this tasteless, brutal debacle of an advertisement.

So in parting, I hope that Michael Dofuckity gets reamed daily by Kitchen Aid mixer wrapped in Brillow pads stuffed with Ajax. On high speed, then reversed for maximum bleedage, followed by a brownie enema so he turns into a fat mother fucker that other people make fun of.


I have no idea what you’re talking about, but I like the way you say it.

What the hell is the OP about? Anyone?

link: www.theantigym.com [NSFW]

-a very sex-oriented, fat-bashing workout facility here in Denver.

Apparently there is a commercial for a gym that shows an overweight actress getting cake slammed in her face while someone else says “Chubbies don’t get no hubbies” I’d like to see the commercial fand become outraged as well. Unfortunately, the OP has given no link nor enough information for me to find the commercial online
ETA: Thanks Lynne.

This is the kind of stuff that makes me glad I don’t watch TV.

That’s why you’re supposed to watch TV on DVR.

Who cares?

Seriously - no one’s being abused here. You don’t like the ad? Don’t go to the gym.

With the usual disclaimers…
[sub]yes, you, shrill objector, have a thyroid condition, and so do all your friends[/sub]

this ad copy doesn’t seem harsh. In fact, I would have to say I can get behind this idea, and if more people could, then perhaps a backlash culture such as the one in which Anti-Gyms can grow would not have become so prevalent.

Kitchen Nightmares is so much fun to watch.
Fox.com has all the episodes…anti-gym commercial free…

I’m gonna call bullshit:

(Go here, hover your cursor over “Save the Chubbblitos,” and scroll down.)

Why? With healthier overall habits you can still enjoy good food and alcohol and maintain a great body.
And just as an aside, can we get some of these links marked NSFW, like the one RTFirefly linked to?

Heh - my work’s filter blocks the site completely.

That’s not what they’re saying, in two different ways. First, they aren’t talking maintenance, they’re talking about getting to that ‘sculpted’ body from a chubby one. Second, they’re not talking about enjoying good food and alcohol, but “enjoying the food, alcohol, and other vices that seduce you” now, whose consumption has presumably led to being chubby in the first place.

Not exactly- it’s the undisciplined consumption of them that made you chubby in the first place.

One of the things they gym says is that they bust your ass enough so that you CAN partake of the finer things, and so that when you’re out drinking your beers, you don’t have to go home with some ragged piece of ass (leading you to drink further) but with something HOT.
Say what you want about their worldview, but it is a pretty consistent one.

Then, FWIW, Fox didn’t air the commercial. The local cable company inserted the commercial to air during the local break provided to them by the network. National networks do not air commercials geared to regional or local markets.

Your complaint needs to go to your cable provider.

Oops. Sorry about that NSFW thing!

And actually, on the one hand, I really like the idea, on the other hand, the first time someone tries to insult me to get me to do something, they are likely to get a hearty “Fuck off and Fuck you!” from me. I get that most of it is an act for the media, and for advertising’s sake, and if I walked in the door, the likelyhood is nobody would say “Chubby walking!”.


My apologies, I wasn’t thinking. I should have added more information or a link. So here is a link to the actual commercial on YouTube. I’ve watched it again and have not changed my mind a whit. I still find it awful and offensive.


And thanks for the info about my provider inserting the commercial and not Fox, I will be calling them to voice my displeasure.


Yes, I find that ad VERY offensive.

That’s not one of the “vices that seduce you” that made you fat to begin with?

It’s like saying you can still enjoy sex every which way you want - but with the hidden caveat that you can only do so one night a month.