A Haiku About Something I Found in My Nose

Green gray orb you are
of me. Yet I deny you
I need a Kleenex.

Why is a grown man
Poking around in his nose?
You disgust me, sir.

He who refuses
occasional pickings has
poles stuck up his butt.

[ok ok my haiku sucks - that was the first one I’ve ever written…]

Oh, great, slimy phlegm ball
Why do you hurt me when plucked?
Ah. You are a zit.

Nose is stuffed today
Feels like it’s full of mucus
Must find a Kleenex

Ears clogged, nose running
Head pounding, constant hacking
Hay fever sucks ass

hork hork blow sniff sniff
cough cough cough achoo achoo
I shoulda stayed home

Maybe there is a market for the book “My favorite bathtime gurgles”, which features such deathless works as “Ode to a small lump of green putty I found in my left armpit on a midsummer’s morn”

Is your nose stopped up?
Did you just hark a loogie?
Oh man that is gross.

little sod is stuck
to nostril hair. Yank the lot
Now my eyes water