A hearty F*** YOU

A hearty FUCK YOU to all of the holiday travellers, overloading the nation’s transportation infrastructure, and totally butt-fucking those of us trying to go about our everyday business.

And a flip of the bird to mother nature for making it rain today, making everything that much worse.

Travel season comes a couple of times a year. You’ll get over it.

Go have another expense accounted cocktail and calm down.

If it makes you feel better, I’m not going anywhere for the holiday weekend, although on Sunday afternoon I’ll have to drive from Houston to exotic Lafayette, LA on business. I apologize in advance for congesting the highway with my rented Kia or whatever.

If it makes you feel any better, my wife and I are driving 3 cars, towing 5 trailers, going at most 1/2 the speed limit, and stopping at all railroad crossings…AND we made it rain. And we’re not even traveling anywhere for the holidays, we’re just doing it to spite you.

ETA: I guess that probably doesn’t make you feel any better.

Geez…all of those jerks wanting to spend the holidays with their friends and familes. Whatr a bunch of assholes. :rolleyes:

And taking trains, planes and automobiles. That might be a good idea for a movie.

I feel you. I was just at Costco for some not holiday related thing, and the holiday dipshittery has begun. In full force.
Good thing I can’t actually melt other people’s faces in real life.

Just what do you do for a living that’s so important?

You know, I learn things on this board sometimes. Frequently, I learn how much of a jackass I’m being. I never realized that my traveling can inflict minor inconveniences on my fellow citizens. I know that now, I’m sorry, and it won’t happen again.

So grandma, I know you’re all alone and were looking forward to my visit this thanksgiving. But you can just suck it. You smell like feet.

Should I put a sign on my rear windshield that says “NOT TRAVELING FOR THE HOLIDAYS” so you’ll know not to curse me? I have a dental appointment tomorrow. If you’d told me six months ago that I was going to cause you froth at the mouth, I would have picked a different day.

I took the day off, but had to go pick up my son at school, and used the expressway. Normally I would be at work and take surface streets. My most profound and abject apologies for getting in your way today. I’ll have to do it again in December. How’s the 14th work for you?

You son must have a pretty shitty attendance record. :wink:

Fking S****y OP. It’s a Gn waste of M**g AI C, you *******l **v **********j ******d.

You can write all your posts that way if you want.

I think he wants to play Hangman.

My family has recently started to get a bug up their ass about having Christmas in Mexico - my response is, “I don’t want to be any closer to an airport from December 20th to the beginning of January than my house is right now.” I’m such a spoilsport.

Don’t cry on your Blackberry, they have water detection switches that will void your warranty.

Come to Singapore. No drives would take more than an hour.

I don’t care about more travelers, I just care about the crappy ones. To you people at Union Station in Chicago who decide to stop immediately at the top of a crowded escalator so you can look around like the bewildered cattle you are - while blocking the paths of those behind you with your trailing rolling bags - screw you. If I have to shoulder through you to avoid being dumped by the ever-moving escalator on top of your bags, I will do it. And don’t fucking dare look at me like I’m a rude local who doesn’t know how to be polite - the escalator does not stop moving just because you do!

Yes, I travel through here every day on my commute, but I learned that little fact as a child. How did you avoid absorbing that bit of knowledge, and how much else has your brain proven impervious to?

…and those fucking emergency vehicles, too. What the hell is so fucking important about someone’s life that I have to pull over on MY road?