A History of Televising War

This is the topic of a research paper I have to write for one of my classes. How televising war in America began, its impact, the propaganda involved, the methods used since it first began… (in vietnam i am guessing… or maybe newsreels of WWII?) I am planning to focus mostly on Vietnam and the Gulf War, how the advancement of technology changes the presentation, maybe even include something on the September 11th attacks, I am not quite sure. Does anyone have any good cites on the subject (preferably internet) or does anybody have any good opinions to share on the topic? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

There a fine book on the whole subject of war correspondence… The First Casualty: The War Correspondent As Hero and Myth-Maker from the Crimea to Kosovo by Phillip Knightley
Here’s an Amazon link

Walter Cronkite emceed a show (perhaps this one?) which was a collection of television news stories about the Vietnam War.

While most of them are filmed, several of them are early satellite broadcasts–the very beginning of same-day television war coverage. It might be interesting to analyze the content of those early satellite news items and compare them to more modern broadcasts.