Televising the war

If we go into war w/ Iraq, should it be televised?
Why? Why not?

Televised how? Should they have a running commentary on every engagement with footage of people being shot, blown up etc? I don’t think that would be appropriate to the viewers. However, updates and “special reports” on significant areas to keep the people informed seems like a good idea.

I think we should have The War Channel. To those who think that it is in appropriate, can change the channel.

Sorry. Inappropriate.

It should be just as televisied as the first Gulf War. Just keep the camera crews from leaking US and Allied military forces.

Sounds like more is going to be televised than the first Gulf War. What with all the reporters traveling with various units in the US and British military units, and independent correspondents who have chosen to stay in Baghdad.
This is a Good Thing.
Pretty pictures of high tech weapons and big explosions do not a peaceful nation make.

Can we vote Saddam off?

How much freedom will the Press have to broadcast, and will there be any censor?

'Course there will be.

"A BigNews special report: US troops are now on a secret mission to infiltrate Saddam’s staff and –

Reminds me of an old Tom Lehrer song-

“…while we’re attacking frontally
watch Brink-le-y and Hunt-le-y
as they decribe most bluntally
the cities we have lost.
No need for you to miss a minute
of the agonizing holocaust.”

We now have another good reason to hold off on the war for another 45 days or whatever. We can’t let the war preempt March Madness on CBS.

I thought that was the whole idea.

Yo, Saddam! The tribe has spoken! You are the weakest link. g’bye!

Stick a coconut on that torch, saddam, your ass and your camel are outta here!