A humble idea

I have thought about this quite a few times. I don’t think that I have posted this idea before – if I have just shoot me. :eek:

I have no idea what the Chicago Reader’s corporate structure is like. But I was wondering if it is feasible for them to partner with other alternative weeklies to help pay for this site. Probably not a lot of money, but perhaps enough to help with the expenses if the other weeklies could be advertised here.

Screw the Dallas Observer since they dropped the Straight Dope many years ago. But are there other weeklies that carry the Straight Dope and may want to partner in supporting the message board?

Just an idea.

BTW, the boards are humming now. Thank goodness for hamster chow!

What would be in it for the other papers? If Cecil is more popular the Reader can charge more for the column.