A jamoca almond fudge root beer float

I know what you’re thinking: root beer floats are vanilla ice cream + root beer. Or, if you’re really adventurous, chocolate ice cream + root beer.

Well, true. But here’s the situation: it’s almost the fourth of July, so we decided to make root beer floats. I have root beer, so we stopped by the Baskin Robbins to get ice cream. For some reason, neither vanilla nor chocolate were seriously considered as our root beer float flavors. Instead, after debating between chocolate-peanut butter and jamoca almond fudge, we picked the jamoca almond fudge. The chocolate-peanut butter lost out because we thought that the peanut butter might clog the bottom of the straw.

It wasn’t bad. But you need a spoon to get all the almonds out of the bottom of the cup when you’re done. It did taste a bit strange, but not as strange as mint chocolate chip or lime sherbet in root beer likely would have.

Mundane? Check.
Pointless? Check.
Must share? Well, I still have the rest of that jamoca almond fudge and some root beer . . .

Sounds pretty tasty to me!

Last night I had a coke float with rainbow sherbet. It SEEMED like a good idea. Not so tasty.

I have Mountain Dew + vanilla floats. Everybody recoils in horror when they see the green scummy froth in my glass, but it’s pretty darn good.

I’ve done this! My dad told me about ‘Purple Cows’ where you’d take grape soda and plunk a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top to make a float. So of course I had to try other combinations of ice cream and soda. It seems the trick is that they have to be good together, like chocolate soda with mint ice cream for example.

Has anybody tried the whole milk and pepsi thing that Laverne did on Laverne and Shirley, I wonder. It’s not bad, once you tell yourself it’s just like a float except melted.

Darn, now I want a float and there’s no ice cream in this whole place!

Sparkling apple cider and vanilla ice cream is stunningly good.

Orange Crush and VIC tastes like orange push-ups.

For a long time, I would get root beer floats at Baskin-Robbins with their darkest chocolate fudge ice cream. Then they apparently stopped making the ice cream. Now I periodically make floats with Godiva’s Belgian Dark Chocolate ice cream. And I want one now. But there’s no chocolate ice cream and no root beer in the house.

Maybe tonight.


I’d like you to know that, after looking at the title of this thread right before going to bed, I dreamed about drinking a jamoca almond fudge root beer float.

A proper Purple Cow is vanilla ice cream and grape juice, not soda.

Or just milk instead of ice cream.
However I always preferred mine with ice cream and Purple Passion soda, which no one makes anymore, alas.