A Kong: Skull Island Question

I don’t want to watch this thing again to see if what I thought I saw was so: did a giant reptile puke up a human skull, with the dog tags of the dead guy attached to it? Seems absurd in an otherwise well thought out film (in case you can’t tell, I’m being sarcastic).

  1. I love that movie and actually think it deserves more credit for how awesome it is.

  2. Yes, you can watch just that moment here.

So, not so much ‘attached’ as ‘tangled up with’.

Yep, basically.

Puking up skulls is not an uncommon thing for predators to do. If you can’t crush 'em, they are too hard to be digested and too large to pass through the digestive track. The dog tags were a nice touch. :smiling_imp:

I have to concur with Mahaloth - this was a very good and very underrated movie. And the skull puking scene was important - it established that Col. Packard (SLJ) didn’t give a damn about rescuing his missing man or leaving the island - his only goal was to kill Kong.

Hmm, I spent the whole time in the theater thinking ‘who thought this was a good idea?’ As always, mileage varies.