A Labor Day Belated Birthday BBQ – The MMP

Yes, it’s true! We invited ourselves to Puggy’s house for a pool party to celebrate her birthday (which was Sunday) AND her new pool. It took a bit of imagination, but this reporter was able to chronicle the beginning of the story. Unfortunately, after a while, I fell asleep on one of those comfy pool chairs and missed some of the party. I’m sure I missed some of the guests, too. So you’ll need to fill us in on both the guests and the happenings.

Our gracious hostess, with puppy entourage, greeted us and provided camping space so that those of us who were appearing from out-of-town wouldn’t have to worry about where to stay. swampy was the first to arrive, of course, with the requisite cheese straws (carefully packaged), the makings for beer butt chicken, and a fabulous casserole as well. (Your humble correspondent was unable to sample this marvel as some people got ahead of her in line.)

LiLi arrived with multiple husbands in tow, carrying an impressive array of baked goods, including the scrumptious chocolate peanut butter squares she’s been virtually torturing us with in the past week. Mork was almost lost among the husbands, but was recognizable as he still had various computer parts protruding from pockets. LOUNE came pouncing along behind them, trying not to lose his halo.

It didn’t surprise anyone to see Bobbio arrive ready for any emergency. (Really, Bobbio, you could have taken the hat off; we weren’t expecting a fire. Well, except in the grill.) Sean arrived with him, ready for any electronic emergency.

SCL and doggio arrived with their ice skates, even though we tried to tell them that the water in the pool wouldn’t be frozen.

taxi and KeithT breezed in from Minneapolis, bearing bratwurst, as promised, and dragging McUne along with them.

Appropriately, Taters and Mr. Taters, brought NOT salad. And their children. Right behind them was the rest of the West Coast-ish contingent: Jahdra, roo, mmmms, gotti, and scout. kai managed to tear herself away from Kodiak for a little while as well.

From New York and New Jersey, we had, of course, rosie (in sparkles), Drae, Meeks, dancing onto the scene.

The Maryland contingent (the FairyChatand Tiger families as well as tarra) arrived in a convoy, with all kinds of artistic presents for all. Not to mention chocolate.

From the midwest, we had a group that flew in together via Cincinnati. MBG, Haze, ifx2, and rigsy started the trek in Chicago and met up with GT, Rue, and Ellen Cherry.

meli and Ali both made it down for a few minutes, as did a number of other seldom-seen Mumpers.

The ones who had the farthest to travel were, of course, Dotty and SO, who met up with Nava, zelie and BooFae in London. We thought it was very adventursome of them to swoop in for little more than a day.

And schussing in from Idaho (they had an early freeze, right?) was snowbunny, still squinting from all the smoke she’d left behind.

There was, of course, lots of conversation. (Hope we didn’t bother the neighbors.) And lots of good food. (We want all the recipes, of course.) If someone took a picture, I missed it. Or maybe I’m the one in the middle, kinda drooling for the camera, sometime after I fell asleep.

Happy Monday, all. Happy Labor Day, to those observing. And a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Puggy!

Now tell me what I missed!


gt, great OP! And I’m first to this party. Yay!

Wow! It sounds like a great day! My one question, however, is Where are the pictures!? :smiley:
Our weekend has been same ol’ same ol’ since Hubby has to work tomorrow. Oh well, he has 5 days off next week. Of course, that’s going to be whales of fun. We’re moving his parents from their three bedroom house into an 1100 sq ft apartment. They keep saying “take anything” But when something catches hubby’s eye, it’s “oh, I think we need that!” I refuse to ask for anything. It just doesn’t feel right. We did bring home some yard chemicals, and garden tools, but the lawnneeds one more mowing before they move. Of course, leaving it for the new owners is out of the question.
Anyway, it should be fun.

So, I’m off to bed. (Getting up at 4:15am to get hubby off to work.) See you all in the morning.

Great OP, gt! For once it’s a party I’m not going to be late for.

Belated Happies, Pugs! How was your day? Was there an appropriate amount of celebrating?

To elaborate on my last slightly tipsy message in the previous MMP, 'im indoors has been considering leaving the UK as it barrels its way merrily towards the fiery pit in a small wheeled contraption. We’d considered western Europe, particularly as we have spent some time in Belgium and Germany but were recently talking to a couple of friends who are buying a house in Hungary.

Anyway, 'im indoors was quite keen on the idea and has decided that we should look at January as our moving date. He is working a 5-month contract with Fujitsu at the moment, due to finish in November, so he sees the end of the year as a logical time to wrap up life in the UK and head for pastures new.

I wonder how long it will take to teach the cats to miaow in a new language?

Ha, great OP, GT! And a happy (albeit belated) birthday to Pugs!! Hope the pups are doing better, btw. I would love love love to go to a party like that; it would be so much fun to meet up with everyone in RL, I think. laughs If I could overcome my shyness at letting everyone actually -see- me, that is. :smiley:

Yes, I am up early and caffeinated … for now. I just heard my newspaper hit the front door, so I’ll probably get that and read it a bit later on the patio (when it’s lighter of course!); then I’ll nap a bit, since it’s a holiday. We’ve had a gorgeous weekend, cool and comfortable–and I’ve been taking full advantage by just relaxing! Hope everyone else has been enjoying their time off also.

Happy Birthday!! Puggy

Great OP, GT! Made me smile :slight_smile:

Tara, send me some pics and I’ll tell you if I think you should be shy of showing yourself in public :smiley:

**BooFae **-- better find some good Goulash recipes. Or maybe better – bad Goulash (Ghoulash?) recipes; maybe feeding 'im some will make him re-think living there…

Roo, I though I still had you bound and gagged in the back room? How’d you get out so fast?

Great OP, gt! I got a dump truck full of dry ice, that sucker will be a skating rink in 5 minutes flat. :smiley:

Happy Birthday puggy!!!

I’m off to put the labor in Labor Day, see y’all tonight!

**gt ** - good start, but how could you forget the Official MMP Pool Noodle Olympics?? **doggio ** was most impressive with his dogpaddling to the deep end, and **Sean ** might have won except that slacker **LOUNE ** was too lazy to move under his own power and latched on for a tow.

I thought **swampy ** was especially impressive in his old-timey striped swimming togs, although the handlebar mustache was obviously a fake - nobody has a rainbow afro handlebar mustache. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope we didn’t run up Puggy’s water bill too much, what with hosing down **Lunch ** and BBBobbio and welby when the flirting got out of control.

The ladies, of course, were a model of decorum. It’s a lie that **MamaTigs ** challenged rosie to a bionic knee rasslin’ match. It’s also a lie that **Haze ** got a tad tipsy and had to be hosed down with the horndogs. Nor did LiLi wander around all day going “Feel my belly! Feel my baby!” And I most certainly didn’t stuff my bra with chocolates. That is such a lie!!! You can’t prove anything without pictures! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:
On the home front, stupid little puppy attacked stupid big dog already. Scruffy sometimes “hides” her morning cookies in various corners and Bernie always seems to find them. This morning, Scruffy saw Bernie rooting around the latest corner and she jumped all over her. I swear, they’re worse than kids!

I had yet another good night’s sleep, and once I grab something breakfast-like (chocolate cake!!!) I’m heading back downstairs to finish the remaining pieces. I also need to think about pricing and packing. So much to do before Friday night…

And last but not least - Happy Belated PuggyDay!! Hope it was a good 'un! :smiley:

Hey! I’m actually a decorated and accomplished swimmer. I didn’t set any state records (at least I don’t remember doing so…I hated swimming), but I threatened numerous ones in multiple age groups!

Threatening competitors isn’t a very sporting way to win races… :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, I’m up, caffinated and Hubby’s off to work.
Happy Birdy, Puggy! (That was my nickname when I was a kid.)

Oh! Good news, I’m not diabetic. My fasting blood sugar was high the first time, and also the second, but, not high enough to be considered the real deal.

I’m still waiting for the results of my thryoid study.

Have a good day kiddies!

Well, one of the fun things we did in practice…when you were going to overtake someone, you can’t just tap them on the shoulder and say “excuse me, I’d like to get by now”, so you just grab their ankle in mid-kick and pull their entire body backwards.

That has/had nothing to do with races, but it sure was fun.

That was not a fake moustache! I had it done especially for the party. I spent hours gettin’ it done too! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m glad y’all liked my beer butt chicken and corn casserole. That little fight betwixt Moooooom, BioTigs, gt and BioRosie over the last leg was a hoot! Even better though is how snowbunny snuck in and grabbed it while they were fightin’ over it and none of ‘em saw her til after she scarfed it down. LiLi thanks for that secret batch of chocolate peanut butter bars you made for me that I carefully hid. They almost made it back to da cave. I say almost cause ol’ y’all know who found ‘em and before I knew it had wolfed down everyone of ‘em before we got back to the Jawja/Flahrduh state line! He said to tell y’all he enjoyed meetin’ everybody. Taters and Mr. Taters it was great to see y’all again! I think I managed to tell Mr. Taters every joke I know just cause he thinks I’m funny. I’m still not sure who attempted to yank my bathin’ suit off in the pool but I have several suspects… yeah, I see those guilty looks Loune, BBBobbio, welby, Sean, Haze, Jah, SpecialLunch#1 and Herbs. I knew it was a conspiracy! BooFae I liked that eggplant stuff you brought. What’s it called again? Dotty you scamp! I never figured you to be one to wear a skimpy bikini like that! I’m glad you didn’t let doggio try it on, even though he begged all day long. picu I almost didn’t recognize without your harem in tow but it was good to see ya again! I don’t think puggy even noticed all those pink flamingoes that you, me, mmmmm’s, roo, taxi, Ellen, Herbs and kai put all over her front yard. gotti, well, ummm, what can I say… was it as much fun for you as it was for me? :wink:

Oh and, even though it’s a day late…


Denial? Also, the hosing down thing. I knew there was a reason Bobbio brought the firehose along. And, well, welby’s behavior was so…shocking…that I completely blocked out his presence. I mean, trying to re-enact the best scenes from his movie? In the water???

Glad for the good medical news, picunurse.

I’m up. With not enough sleep, but I’ll nap later. I’m getting ready for my annual trek to my favorite arts festival.

Back after a while…


I just want y’all to know, after driving all night, I made it home safely. That was some party. ::brushes the last few sparkles off, some landing on Smokey:: Smokey appreciates the leftover scraps, thank you. And swampy, the reason your hidden batch of yummy squares didn’t make it all the way home is because I watched where you hid them, and swiped a few for my road trip

Got lots to do today - including

Happy Belated Birthday Pugs

and some important PR stuff for the chorus.

What a great party! Though as usual, I missed a few areas on my back with the sunscreen and am a little burnt.

:Surreptiously hands out pics of FCM stuffing her bra with chocolates:

Chocolate titties? That almost sounds like a great idea!

I guess I’m over in the corner, watching the coats and purses (or else I’m stuck in Cincy-the mind blenches at that thought). Great food, though! And it is so nice to see everyone. (need tongue in cheek smiley)

Hippo Birdy Two Ewes to the Pugster!
BooFae–the UK is heading toward a fiery pit in a smalled wheeled contraption? Who knew? Can I see it on You Tube?
the men in the family are going out in the Boat today. #1 does not want to go, but the husband wants him to, so he is going… #2 son is happy to go (and I made sure that the husband bought a life jacket for #2). He doesn’t have life jackets for himself or #1 son–but there are flotation cushions. :rolleyes: Daughter and I are staying home–me to write my debate position and she to read King Lear (she insists on calling the one daughter Ghonorrhea-kids today!).

another gorgeous day today-hope wherever you are is too.

Hey all! I was working all weekend (and tonight too) as usual, so no barbecuing for me. :frowning:

Happy belated birthday, Puggy!

Last week, I started volunteering at the local library; because the volunteer coordinator knows I’m a library science student with prior volunteering experience in museums (and, strangely enough, library shelving/book processing), I’m getting trained all over the place. Since I can’t get a job within this county’s library system or the one above me because I don’t know anybody/there are no openings, this volunteering gig will get me to know people at this branch and might help me get a job if there are any openings I’m qualified for in the future. I like the people I’ve met so far, and I’m still amazed at how many women work at the library here. (There were at least a handful of men at the last two museums that I interned/volunteered at, and they were visible parts of each department.) I just hope this works out, and if it doesn’t end up getting me a job now, at least I can claim it as experience when I go applying later on.

I’m finally starting as a library student, and most of my classwork is online. It’s not too daunting just yet, but the fact that I’m not the most technically challenged student in my classes is a relief that keeps me from being intimidated. I just hope that I can keep up and do well while continuing to work where I do, as my “must find a better job” search isn’t coming up with anything that I’m qualified for at the moment because of my needs as a student. Oh well; I’ll make a better attempt at keeping my classes out of the way of a 9-5 Monday-Friday workweek next semester if I can. Not that I need a full-time job, but it’d be easier if I were able to take a full-time job on while going to school.