A lame rant about baseball and television.

I live in Albany, NY, which is like living in the middle of nowhere while still being tantalizingly close to the real world. Case in point: baseball on television.

I am a Red Sox fan, and have been all my life. As if that’s not frustrating enough, my misery is compunded by the fact that I never get to see the games.

It’s not like local broadcasters have anything against baseball. We can see all the baseball we want on TV around here.

So long as it’s the Yankees or the Mets. The friggin’ Mets, for cryin’ out loud. That’s like AAA ball.

The only time I get to watch my Bosox play is when they’re facing the hated Yanks or the worthless Mets, or it’s a nationally televised game on ESPN or something. That’s about a whole 20 or so games a season. I have to read the stupid friggin’ box scores in the paper the next day and try to picture the stupid friggin’ game in my head most of the time.

I love baseball, and I’ll watch no matter who’s playing. I just want to see the Sox on a regular basis.

Is that too much to ask?

I feel your pain, I’m a Tribe fan living in Denver. MLB.com has an internet TV package. I think it’s about $14 a month. Not sure on the quality. On the Indians board I go to, some report it’s pretty good & some say it sucks. They also have an audio feed but I can’t remember how much that is.

Hey Buckner, your rant is as lame your team.

First of all, leave my Mets alone. All I have to say is GAME 6. Boston loses a World Series Game with 2 outs and a two run lead and we are the AAA team? Think again.

Second of all, don’t live in New York State and root for a team in Mass and wonder why it is not on TV. Move to Mass or shut up!!

Third, why do you want to watch to BoSox lose again this year?
1969 and 1986 World Series Champions!!!

Mets suck.

That is all.

…and the Redsox swallow.

Don’t be such a sore loser.

Oh and since you can’t watch the games I will tell you what will happen.

  • Redsox will finsh in second place (or worse)
  • Pedro will be on DL at some point this season
  • Your GM will finally reach puberty
  • The “curse of the Bambino” will be discussed during a Yankee game
  • Bill Buckner will be discussed during a Mets game
  • Boston will not win the World Series

But then again isn’t this what happens every year.

Even though I laughed out loud when you called him “Buckner”, I have to defend Bill Buckner.

When I was a Dodger fan (before their organization imploded and now even Koufax, THE GREATEST PITCHER OF ALL TIME won’t be a part of the organization) Buckner used to play his ass off.

He ran into walls , made great circus catches and played hurt.
So the Dodger’s trade him to the dumbass Cubs, who realize he is damaged goods, but can’t get out of the deal.

So when he couldn’t bend over to field that grounder in the Series, it was because of all the times he sacrificed his body to make the play. I love the guy.

But it was still funny. NOW GIVE US PIAZZA BACK!

Oh yeah Exgineer, don’t they have satellite tv there? I thought you could get every sporting event in the universe with that. If I had it, I wouldn’t leave te house…


Nice going Dodgers, Pedro and Piazza. Gone. Oh thats right. We have Kevin (I want a private jet for my family AND my 15 million a year) Brown who won his first game since last August yesterday.


djf750, I actually don’t blame Buckner for blowing the World Series. However, Boston fans do. They seem to forget Calvin Sheraldi (spl) throwing wild pitches and giving up hits to make that play possible. If Buckner makes the play the game is not over because the score would have been tied.

Buckner was a really good in his prime and deserved to be on the field to celebrate the win. Oh the irony!!

Oh yeah, Kofax was a great pitcher for a span of 5 years or so. He was from NYC and I respect what he accomplished on the field. However, please do not call him the greatest of all time. His career was too short for that title. I mean he didn’t even get 200 wins. One of the greatest I may let slide but not The Greatest.

And NO you can’t have Piazza back!! But I will gladly give you Burnitz and Cedeno for Green.

Please allow me a moment for commiseration with Fugazi. We are diehard fans of perennial bridesmaid teams. We love them however much they disappoint us, and want to watch them play. Yet we are denied the crack of the bat and the roar of the crowd. Truly, we are the lost.

Now to business (all quotes from NYR407):

I pity you. It must be horrifying to have to go back nearly 17 years to find a time when your team wasn’t a complete embarassment.

Actually, for the past few years we’ve been saying things like “why couldn’t we play these losers in’86?”


This statement is disingenuous and you know it. As you are well aware, this so-called state is divided into two regions.

Region 1: Stinkytown (NYC), the Stinkytown Landfill (Long Island), and the Stinkytown Seepage Area (Westchester and Rockland counties).

Region 2: The land of the intelligent, attractive, and civilized.

Clearly, I have no real connection to your city or its teams. Equally clearly, I can not be troubled to argue the relative merits of baseball teams with someone who voluntarily lives in the no-man’s-land between the stink and the landfill. By the way, do the Mets really think that what they’re doing is baseball?

Mets suck, Sox rule. :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried satellite once, djf750. Hated it. And you can’t have Pedro back, either.


7 minutes of action crammed into a 4-hour telecast. Better’n any sleeping pill I know.

Buckner, I could have went to 2000 when we were in the World Series (or the other years we were in the playoffs as well)but it made me feel like a Redsox fan when I lost the Yankees. And I don’t want to feel like a loser Redsox fan.


Actually, for the past few years we’ve been saying things like “why couldn’t we play these losers in’86?”

Your logic is as flawed as yor team. If they were losers in '86 they would not have been in the World Series. Unless they are from Boston that is.

Since you do not wish to have any connection to the city and surrounding area that finances most of the state’s budget please write to Gov. Padicki and request that he give NYC its fair amount of funding.

BTW, I once spent a week in Albany one night. How can you people even call that living?

My small hijack/rant:

The Giants have not yet had ONE regular season game on tv this year. Today’s game is also not on tv.

Obviously an aberration. I recall quite clearly watching that Series and thinking, “who the heck are these guys, and what did they do with the real Mets?”

It is to laugh. Everybody with an IQ above room temperature realizes that upstate heavily subsidizes the disaster at the mouth of our river.

Restful, ain’t it?


I am sorry Exgineer, I should have realized how delusional you from the OP. Have fun in your fantasy world (or is it a padded room?).

I’m a lifelong Orioles fan. What I wouldn’t give for AAA quality ball…

Exgineer, why not listen instead of watch?

That’s what happens when a power pitcher blows out his arm. Koufax could have gone another 12 seasons if it weren’t for the arthritis in his elbow. Who knows where he would have ended?

To expand on essvee’s post: Exgineer, try shortwave radio, some of them have a very long range on AM. You might even be able to pick up a few Mass FM stations that carry Sox games.

and for Jeff too.

I will sing praises for WBZ to the heavens, but you have to realize something. IT’S JUST NOT THE SAME. I can listen to the game on the radio, but when I hear “Ramirez bobbles it, that’s gonna’ be an error,” it’s simply not the same as actually watching the ball skin off his glove, or him reach in too quickly, or whatever “bobble” means. I don’t really know what happened. I didn’t see it.

I make an annual pilgrammage to Fenway. Generally, I end up with really crappy seats, like roof box or something, but I’m still in the park. I can smell the fresh-cut grass (when I get down near the field), feel the buzz of the crowd, hear the smack of balls meeting mits, and revel in the glory of a well-turned double play.

The sweetest sound in the world is the crack of a bat meeting a ball that’s going to end up on the Turnpike.

You have to watch baseball.

I want to watch the Sox play once in a while, and that stupid NESN contract means I can’t get 'em on my TV. That sucks. I can’t afford to buy season tickets, quit my job, and camp out in Fenway’s parking lot all summer.

As an aside, I see that NYR407 has apparently elected to resort to ad hominem attacks rather than debate me on the real issue. The issue being the general suckitude of the Mets.

Typical of a Mets fan. What sort of person lives in a major metropolitan area with two MLB teams, and decides to support the lousy one?

Exgineer uh, well, have you tried that internet thingy yet? Ya know theys now have dem basebull games on it with the pictures and everythin? You have to put down the greenbacks and it is neccessary to have a very fast connection. I think they have some trial offers to see if it is gonna work for you.

Relocated Boston fans make me want to do violence. They come into the ballpark and are rude to the home fans. They leave trash in the parking lot. The only good thing going for them is that Boston loses year after year after year.

I promise to make you suffer for this part.

It’s been less than 90 years, for crying out loud. I can be patient.