Take me out to the ballgame! Or not. Pitting baseball.

I’m from Boston, but I am not terribly excited about tonights Red Sox game.

I’ll tell ya why.

The Red Sox are playing the NY Yankees for the championship series of the American League, right? If they win they go on to they will play the World Series. If they win this they are the champions for the first time since 1918.

Sounds impressive. But, lets break it down.

If this series goes 7 games, then they need to win 2 more of the next three to go on to the world series. If that series goes 7 games then they will need to play a total of 10 more games to win.

So, we have between 6 and 10 more games to watch depending on how they do, for the Red Sox to win the whole thing. If it goes 10, all they need to win are 6 games.

Why the fuck am I supposed to care about this more than football?

The Patriots are only about a third of the way into thier season and they only have 10 games left to go before the playoffs. If they win the next 13 or so games in a row they will be the world champions.

Why is everyone so focused on the Red Sox when the Pats are about the same distance away from the championship as the Sox are? The 10 games left for the Sox aren’t any more important than the 13 games left for the Pats.

Basically, Baseball fucking sucks and isn’t half the sport of Football, American Football, Basketball, Golf, Tennis, Bungee-Jumping, or even Nascar.

If you play 160,000,001 games in the season, there is no reason to care about the outcome of them.

runs for cover

Hey, golf!

This weekend the pros are playing in the Greater Ottumwa Sprint Skins Gender Challenge, under the completely revised Stableford Scoring System, winner gets $1,786,432.56!!

And all we hear about is some silly baseball or football game.

Why, it’ll be next year before they play this tournament again, and by that time there could be an entirely new sponsor!

It’s not fair.

Why the fuck are you making sports mutually exclusive?

I like baseball becuase its long, full seasons make for suspense and long-term startegy.

You prefer football.

Bill over there prefers full-contact goat racing.

Who the hell cares? Leave me to my sport, and you can have yours.

I’m sorry you lack an attention span, Debaser.

This would have to fall into the catagory of “to each his own.”

If you don’t think that baseball games can hold your interest, by all means, don’t try. There are more then enough Red Sox fans as it is.

How unfortunate that you live in the Boston area and are blessed with having the Sox at Fenway. I made a pilgramage to Fenway from Central Pennsylvania and bribed my way into two tickets to a sold out game with chocolate bars. The ticket counter lady couldn’t believe that we would drive five and a half hours without tickets. But thats my heart talking, lets move onto the facts…

At home, the Red Sox attendance was at 100.2% for the 81 home games held at Fenway. On the road, they had the fourth highest average attendance in the major leagues. Combined home and road average attendance was second in the majors behind only San Francisco. In short, 5,167,685 people bought tickets to see 161 Red Sox games in a season they might go to the world series. http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/attendance

“Why the fuck am I supposed to care about this more than football?”

By the looks of it, it doesn’t seem like the Red Sox need you to care at all.

I don’t see anyone with a gun to your head, buddy.

Go off and enjoy your football. You and the gamblers and the talk radio mouth-breathers. Knock yourself out.

[J/k to an extent; I’m a huge baseball fan, but I’m also pretty heavy into the NFL and NCAA football too.]

Football. Feh.

Sumo: two men enter, one man leaves, and the ref is a screaming octogenerian in pink pyjamas.

It’s nowhere near the sport it was before they started allowing shaved goats. Now it’s all so commercial!

Here’s a big problem with baseball. If a wildcard team (even ateam without the best record) makes it to the series the whole season is a joke. Why should a best of 5 or 7 have so much importance? They need to eliminate inter-league play and get down to two divisions. Teams should play almost all games against divisional teams.

It would work better if the was only one division per league but there are just too many teams for that. As it stands the post season is a joke.

What? You mean, the Modified Stableford system wasn’t GOOOOD enough for those picky bastards at the Greater Ottumwa?



My brother spent 4 seasons on the full contact goat racing circuit. He said most of the blame for the current situation rests on steroid use and combat drugs on the goats. Oh, that and the new wicket design. Terrible–nobody should be forced to do a half-lombard through a plastic wicket.

While there are probably plenty of people who agree with you and would like to go back to the old days when the team with the best record in each league went to the World Series (most notably, this guy) that’s probably not going to happen again. I assume you feel the same way about the NBA, the NFL and the NHL. All of which have wild card teams in the playoffs. Perhaps what MLB should do is just have three teams in the playoffs per league. The division winners and the one with the best record gets a bye.

However, I doubt that the people of Anaheim and San Francisco last year or Florida this year agree with your assessment. So you’ve been overruled.

Give up your football and baseball, and come to the dark side of NHL hockey.

I heard Anahiem has a shaved goat in goal this year. Those ducky bastards!

I can rant about whatever the fuck I want to. We’ve had rants in here about neighbors (they could move), fast food resteraunts (eat somewhere else), girlfriends (dump the cunt), boyfriends (dump the asshole), parents (move out of the basement you fucking freeloader), and anything else you can think of.

There is always a choice. But, its a free country! It’s exactly what makes America great that allow me to shit all over it’s national, beloved, boring sport.

Its. Not it’s.

And while you can rant about whatever you want, we can come and tell you that you’re a moron.

I don’t care for baseball, and I feel similar to basketball.
Basketball has tons of games throughout the season, and most wins are at margins of 10 points or less. So why bother watching the first 3 periods?
Baseball and basketball only get interesting in the playoffs and thats when the viewership picks up. Football is a once a week spectacular for 16 weeks where every point scored in each quarter counts. It’s viewers are there every week and not just when the playoffs come around.
The same could be said for hockey, no ones really intersted till the playoffs.

“I never realized how boring this game really is.”

—Homer Simpson after giving up beer

If even Homer gets it, when are the rest of you going to come around?


“World” Series indeed!

If you want real world series, watch the Rugby World Cup, currently under way and featuring teams from 20 nations, including the United States.

I suppose baseball can make a reasonable case for using the term “World” in its championship title, given that the best players from many countries throughout the world compete here in the US.

But NFL is just a joke. Yeah, we’re the “world champions” of a game that no-one else in the world gives a rat’s ass about. At least the winners of the Irish hurling championship and the Australian football championship don’t have the gall to use the “world champion” label.

Neurotik, you notice I didn’t quote you. I was rebutting the other three chuckleheads who seemed to have a problem with me exercising my right, my duty to bash this boring and pointless game.

Your statemtent I will address, if you like.

Sure, one could argue that me not liking baseball due to the fact that not only does nothing happen but it takes a long time to happen and they do it hundreds of times a year is due to a short attention span on my part.

However, I am looking for sports to fucking entertain me!. I challenge my attention span to its limits every day at work. In my spare time I develop real estate and it challenges my attention span to read over zoning laws and condo docs when I would rather be doing something fun.

So, when seeking entertainment, I don’t want to be staring at prolonged camera shots of a mans face from his lower lip to his eyebrows, him spitting all the while. I don’t need to see grown men standing around with beer bellys as they scratch their genitals. My problem with this is not that I lack an attention span. Pay me $100 an hour for my time and I can have my eyes glued to the game the whole time without distraction. My problem is that the game fucking sucks.

You notice I didn’t give a rat’s ass who you quoted.

The fact that you are going out of your way (indeed, calling it a duty) to bash a sport that you don’t enjoy leads me to believe that you are a pathetic loser who feels threatened that some people enjoy something that he doesn’t.

Wah, these people are having a good time doing something I don’t. Let me shit on their parade. Pretty sad, really.

Um, OK. If it makes you feel better.

Not only a short attention span, but probably not very intellectually gifted either.

Now, not everyone enjoys baseball. And not everyone who enjoys baseball is smart and good-looking (although that does seem to be the overall trend). And not everyone who absolutely hates baseball is a morally deficient neanderthal (although that does seem to be the overall trend).

However, the fact that you go out of your way to pit it (and being so obnoxious who comes in to say they enjoy it) leads me to the conclusion that you are likely a mouth-breathing smooth brain.

Granted, but a great many people find baseball fun. I do. After working all day, I love going to watch a baseball game. There’s just about nothing better in my opinion.

In your opinion. Obviously, a great many people have a differing opinion.

Now, I’ll certainly grant you that the close-ups are really irritating. A great many baseball fans find the ability to count the pores on Derek Jeter’s nose fairly unappealing. I certainly do.

But that’s a problem with how the game is presented, not with the game itself.

However, if you dont’ like baseball, don’t like baseball. I don’t care. But if you come in and pit it because you don’t like it, understand that a great many people are going to find you boorish and childish. Just like most of those football players you adore.