A legal question about cheese

Not just any cheese, but cheese made from human milk. Are there laws that prevent food comming from a human source? If not would human cheese be an item that could be put on the market (but probably not do very well)?

About ten years ago I remeber seeing a monologue for Arsenio Hall’s show mentioning this. Of course, a comedy/talk show monologue ain’t the greatest source for news, but it was one of those things where he introduces an item from the news, then makes jokes about it, so this seems to be true. Anyway, according to the monologue, at that time some company was producing cheese from human milk. It was pretty expensive, IIRC around $400-600 an ounce.

I don’t know about human milk cheese, but given the fact that a lot of european cheeses are illegal to import in the US, I would suspect it’s a USDA or FDA thing.

I mean, if it’s illegal to import bovine or goat cheese from Europe because they don’t pastuerize, God knows what the regulations are with human breast milk. The USDA website might have some info. Without checking, it’s got to be like: http://www.usda.gov

If anybody is paying those prices, well, I’d like to sell them the Brooklyn Bridge while the checkbook is open.