A letter to my classmate: Here's why you're think you're failing EVERYTHING!

(Not ranty enough for the pit)

You are late to class every single time (two nights a week). I understand that this used to be because you had a job on the other side of town and couldn’t leave until 30 minutes before class started and had to fight the worst rush hour traffic Indianapolis has. But you got fired three weeks ago - what’s your excuse now? Put down the joint and get here on time! And when you get to class, it might help to stay the whole night instead of leaving during break. Yeah, four hours sucks, but the rest of us can manage. And how about paying attention for more than five minutes at a stretch? During our VET class, you spend more time texting and posting on Facebook than you do taking notes, and during our psych class, you’re constantly writing letters to your ex-boyfriend. Put the shit down!

Every single time she posts on FB about failing a class, this is what I want to send to her. But I don’t. 'Cause it really doesn’t affect me in anyway - other than having to listen to her whine constantly about failing because she always sits in the same row as me. (I don’t know if she’s ever actually failed a class, or just whines about it all the time.)


It used to drive me batty when folks would walk in twenty minutes late for class–it’s distracting and makes you look like a douche who doesn’t care.

I actually had a professor who didn’t care if you didn’t come to class, but if you were habitually tardy, he’d read you the riot act. Hardly anyone showed up late, and I found it actually made for a better learning experience than I would have expected. You would also fail the class if you didn’t complete an assignment, as opposed to being all “oh, I can just not do this paper and still get 70%.” There were only two or three assignments for the entire semester, so I found this a pretty effective grading strategy.

I’ve got a co-worker like that. Well, if he smokes anything other than ordinary cigarettes, he hasn’t told me about it, but he’s frequently late, and does whatever he’s assigned to do as slowly as he can get away with.

And then he frets about possibly being fired.

NO sympathy pal. I get that your life isn’t great (mine isn’t either), but really–if you’d put half the effort into working that you do into looking busy (or being late) your job would be secure, and it can’t be too insecure or you wouldn’t still be here . . .

I’ve done this several times. Some teachers make class so useless that they deserve it.

I’ve never failed though.

I had a professor who literally locked the doors as soon as class started. He was straight up about it during the first class, though, so it was no surprise. It was amazing how everyone showed up on time.

I simply can’t stand people who are habitually late, and claim that it’s no fault of their own. They just can’t see that if they left 20 minutes earlier, problem solved.

Is this at IUPUI, Avarie537? If so, hope she’s not planning on taking logic in the next few semesters (or at least until I no longer do TA’ing for it).

I had a co-worker fired on Tuesday for being habitually late.

As I told our Supervisor; I get here 10 minutes early every day. SO DID HE. But while I would come in and get situated, this loser would sit in his car smoking and hanging out, then stroll into the building 5 minutes late every day. No Sympathy. Get out of your damned car and get to your desk on time.

I have a coworker like that. She pisses and moans about how no one likes her and then proceeds to talk about everyone else behind their backs. Like we can’t see through that. No wonder no one likes you. She also would complain about how much she hates her job and she should just quit. She’s been doing that for months now. I think she might actually do it… she went on a job interview the other day!

Failing a psychology class is pretty pathetic. It ain’t rocket science (and I was a psychology major in undergrad, so I can say that).
You would be doing her a big favor if you did try to tell her to stop acting like a moron and wasting her opportunities. It’s quite possible if this is a youngster that she actually hasn’t had the life experience yet to realize that…or maybe doesn’t have a decent parent who can fill the role of giving her the kick in the butt that she needs to straighten up.

Someone in class other than you might be getting something from the instruction, which is then disrupted when you walk in late.

If the class is useless drop it or don’t go. If the instructor is useless, drop it and take it from a different instructor. Don’t inconvenience everyone in the room because you think the class is useless.

I spent some time with professor evals in college - and one thing I learned is that not everyone in a class has the same experience in class. One person thinks the instructor was lousy and the material dull, another thinks it was the best class and instructor they’ve had.

:eek:I can’t help but wonder what would have happened in the event of an emergency evacuation! I also think that I may have spent too much time on health and safety committees…!
While people coming in late bother me, I am much, much more annoyed by people packing up and leaving in the middle of a lecture. If you don’t want to pay attention, that’s fine, but now that you’ve made the effort to be here, can you at least be polite enough to stick around to the end?

Also: if you’re smart enough to figure out all the cool features on your smartphone, can you please figure out how to turn the sound off while in class? I’ll believe that you may have just forgotten the first time, but after the second, third or twenty-seventh text message ringtone, during every damn lecture, I can’t help but think you must be some new kind of idiot.

I think you should send it to her in a PM. Not out on f’book where everyone can read it, but tell her. You’d be surprised at how difficult it can be for some people to gauge their own behavior, and/or to see what changes would improve their lot.

Then again, I never cease to be amazed by my own ability to know exactly what I should do to make myself happier, and then *not do it. * :rolleyes:

I had professors who’d kick you out, depending on how late you were, if you did this on a regular basis, or didn’t have a legit excuse.

Indeed. There’s got to be some legitimate condition to describe this.


Nope! Harrison College (formerly Indiana Business College).


Judging by the tuition info for the college’s website, she’s paying a lot per credit hour to slack. Maybe you could convince her to transfer to IvyTech to save some money.

As a teacher in a college, I get lots of students like you are describing.
They all have tons of excuses and some have had dozens of grandmothers die over the years with funerals in Hawaii, NYC, Bahamas, etc.
What pisses me off is they feel that I should ALWAYS have to bend over backwards to accommodate them. They want to know what we did in class last week and what we are going to do next week and if they can turn in the assignment from three weeks ago next week.
Then they will say that they lost/broke their flash drive with all of their assignments. Hey, what if I were a client and had paid you $1000 for that work - do you think I am going to say, “no big deal” and “get it to me when you have time.”?

My policy is that, unless you have a valid note from a doctor or your parole officer, I don’t want to hear about it. If you have some big event (sister’s wedding, etc.) and let me know in advance, I might be able to help you out that one time.
As others have mentioned, in the “real world” employers and clients don’t take kindly to slackers. Neither do I.