"A List" Celebs

Reading this week’s In Touch (oh hush!), I came across the following in the article about the party Tom, Katie, Will, and Jada threw to welcome David and Posh to LA:

All I could think was “That does not mean what you think it means.”

Leaving aside the question of whether those named are B-listers or below – who would be today’s Hollywood A List?

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, maybe, … Tom Hanks? Harrison Ford? Who?

I would imagine it depends on who your audience is when your talking about a Hollywood A List, I dont think you could ever make a definitive list.

For the tween market the likes of Zac Efron and Miley Cirus are A-Listers, but for a more mature market theres Paul NEwman and his wife whom you mentioned. Then theres all of those in between.

Im guessing for the average reader of Us Weekly, the people they mentioned could be considered A List.

Can they “open” a movie? Then they are “A”-listers. Otherwise A- at best.

I wouldn’t limit this to actors, either. Any reputable “A list” would include a number of directors and producers as well. And writers.

Who the hell could possibly consider Eva Longoria A List?

People who love Desperate Housewives and don’t watch any other TV?

I agree there’s no definitive “A-List,” But I’d say Tom Hanks, Harrison Ford, Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Bono, Nickelson, Spielberg and a few others would certainly qualify. But it’s definitely an age thing because (and I mean no offense twickster) I had to look up to see who Joanne Woodward was. And even then, I could probably count on one hand the number of major roles she’s had in the last 30 years.

She might be a “Hollywood Legend,” but I don’t thinks she’s on the “A-List” anymore.

No offense taken – I was throwing her in because she’s been married to Paul Newman forever. Please please please don’t tell me you don’t know who Paul Newman is.

And, no offense back, twicks, but Paul Newman wouldn’t be an A-Lister. His wife, who was riding his coattails (or so I gather; I’ve never heard of her) certainly wouldn’t.
Yeah, I know who Paul Newman is. Isn’t he the guy that does the salad dressing?


So what do we do with legends? Would Liz Taylor be A-list? (not that I’m comparing Woodward with Taylor)

What is A-List? I’m thinking it means someone who, if you were in the same room with them, you’d be (damn close to literally) awe-struck. So – anyone who’s currently in the tabloids more than they’re onscreen, no. (Disqualifying Brad and Angelina? not sure – but the whole “seen her cooch” crowd is out.)

George Clooney, fer sher.

I don’t think you can count that either. What about people that simply don’t get awestruck?

I think the definition has to be even more basic, and that’s people that get leading man/woman status and/or get paid upwards of 10,000,000 bucks a picture*.
*is 10 million too high?

I’d definitely count Jamie Foxx as A-List: he’s won an Oscar, can open a movie, etc., but Latifah’s really questionable (she’s great in supporting roles, but Beauty Shop and some of her others that were more starring than supporting have tanked). Matthew Perry is right out. He was only a supporting actor on Friends and his solo movie projects (I’m not counting the Bruce Willis buddy flix) have mostly tanked.

I’d define A-List as “name above the title” and “has starred in more blockbusters than they have flops”. Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Johnny Depp (though only in the past 10 years or so since he started doing more blockbusters), Julia Roberts (though she’s gotten a bit shakier at the box office), Ben Stiller, Will Ferrell (much as I hate to admit it, he can open the hell out of a movie), etc…

Here’s a question though: is an A-Lister “once saved-always saved”? Burt Reynolds for example- he was indisputably A-List in the 70s/80s but then started starring in some stinkers, got a lot of buzz for supporting role in Boogie Nights but hasn’t done anything as high-profile since- is he still an A-Lister? Same with Liz Taylor, Julie Andrews, Richard Gere, etc.- would they still count?

Only if they were in a Quentin Tarantino flick.

If you’ve got a dinner theater named for you somewhere, you ain’t an A-lister no more.

The In Touch article just got it wrong. The names it mentioned were merely ON a list.

Richard Gere would, I think – he’s still making some fairly major pix. (Plus I’d do him in a hearbeat.)

“A List” has always, to me, meant an actor who can be the star of a major Hollywood production. Tom Hanks is A++ list. Kate Winslet is A list. Matthew Perry is close… he has starred in films, and still stars in films, and while most of them have tanked some haven’t. He is starring in a movie set for release next year; his costar is Hilary Swank so it’s a promising role. He’s A-.

Eva Longoria, while she is major tabloid material right now for some reason, is by definition not an A-list star; she doesn’t open movies, although she may yet get there. She’s young enough and has enough momentum to pull it off.

Them’s fightin’ words Buster. Cool Hand Luke will always be at the top of any A List. Best. Movie. Ever.

ETA: Besides isn’t A list more subjective? Like who gets invited to the coolest party. I mean that twit Paris Hilton used to be A-List material.

I consider A-List to be true actors, not stars. Those, like Newman and Hanks and Harrison Ford who have done a whole bunch of differenct characters and made you believe in each and every one.

If you’re an actor who can call up your agent and say, “I’m bored, get me some scripts to review” and the UPS truck dumps off fifty scripts the next day, you’re A-List. If you’re an actor that directors beg to sign in a film, you’re A-List.

A-List is classy. A-List can choose their next project, or take a few years off (Julia Roberts) knowing Hollywood will be there when they come back. A-List has staying power. They are not a flash in the pan, here today gone tomorrow, popular only because they happen to be in this week’s hot show.

“Wait at the bar, wait at the bar.”

Damn, can’t remember that guy’s name; used to do George Bush, Elder impressions on SNL, and… then he made a movie about a man in a turtle suit or something.

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