A little art quiz...

Here’s a toughie. What is the largest Duchamp in existence, a piece he created in the 1930s and is impossible to house in any museum?

Just a guess, but based on what I know of Duchamp, I’d say…

The earth?

Close. Apparently, you’re the only one who gives a shit but here’s the answer anyway:

The Woolworth building here in NYC which Duchamp declared a readymade and so “created” in the 1930s.

I don’t know if Duchamp tried that, but Pierro Manozini (the same artists who infamously canned his feces) did. Manzoni put a large, upside-down base on the ground, making the earth a giant piece of sculpture.

Note to self: Google first and at least get the name spelled right:


Is there a plaque anywhere in the Woolworth building commemorating its “creation” by Duchamp?