A little girl died

A little girl I know died and I am very upset over it. I once made a complaint that I suspected someone was harming one of her siblings, and the person in charge either didn’t follow through or couldn’t do anything about it. I even held out hope that perhaps the investigation would rule her death an accident, but the investigation is over and her parents have been indicted on multiple charges in connection with her death.

I know it is useless to wonder if things could have been different if I had been more forceful, but I will still always wonder.


Jelymag, I’m so, so sorry. I can understand why you feel like you might have done more, but it’s absolutely in no way your fault or responsibility. It’s not even the fault or responsibility of the case workers - it’s her waste of oxygen parents who fucked up. Don’t take even one iota of their guilt onto your shoulders, please! They don’t deserve it.

Deepest sympathy Jelymag- I agree with WhyNot, it’s not your fault. You showed more concern for the kids’ welfare then their own parents. Good on you for doing what you could.

Thank you for caring, and trying to help, Jelymag. :frowning:

That’s the kind of nightmare that I hope I never encounter.

You did what you could. Any more effort on your part, and you would have been in legal trouble without helping the little girl.

I’m so very sorry you’ve gone through this.

Consider this: would there have been an investigation at all had you not earlier complained? Otherwise, WhyNot is wise.

Agreed with this. You cared more than her parents did. If the authorities weren’t able to find sufficient evidence, or (I hope not) simply didn’t act, that is not your fault.

It’s small comfort, but at least you played a part in sending the fuckers to jail.

How horrible. At least she’s not living in fear any more. :frowning:

In all the years I spent covering police and the courts, nothing filled me with more rage and helplessness than having to cover the death of an abused child. It’s not just the tragic end of so young a life, but the terror and despair the victim lived in before his or her death. If there is a Hell, I hope there is an especially deep, dark and miserable place for people who abuse children to death.

You’ll probably go through a grieving process, Jelymag, so don’t be surprised if that happens. One of the newspapers I worked for used to send reporters to a counselor when we covered particularly traumatic events. Whatever you do, everybody else on the thread is right – this isn’t your burden to carry. And here’s a (((hug))) just for being a good, kind person.

How are you doing today, Jelymag?


As everyone else has said, you did what you could. I am praying for you and that little girl’s siblings to find some peace.

I’m very sorry.

I hate people sometimes. I hope the people who did it are put away until they rot.

Thank you for your kind words, everyone. I know in my head that it isn’t my fault, but it’s still hard to not wonder.

I found out a little more- there hasn’t been a trial date set, and I haven’t heard if they are going to plead guilty or not. They weren’t able to charge them with murder or manslaughter, but both parents are facing multiple counts each of felony child abuse, child neglect and child endangerment. I believe their remaining three children have been placed with family members, but I’m not sure.