a little information...

alex trebek is a mammal.

Prove it.



Does he do it like they do it on the Discovery Channel?


I’m sorry, you did not phrase your response in the form of a question.

No, that is the answer – the correct question is “What phrase is guaranteed to keep you off the televised game show Jeopardy?”

Sorry pluto, you’re wrong.

It’s “Why won’t the host of Jeopardy go head-to-head with the Ben-Stein-a-Saur-us in a trivia contest?”

There you are.

Alex Trebek is not a mammal. He is an android built by the Canadian government, whose sole purpose is to mock American game show contestants using his pre-programmed smarty-pantsery. He was built in a secret underground lab in Vancouver, and smuggled across the border disguised as car parts. He also has the ability to shoot mind-melting ‘dumb’ rays out of his eyes, and the moustache masks his bass and treble controls, so he can adjust the sound quality of his robotic voicebox. Don’t let those blond ‘children’ he trots out fool you…he is no mammal.