A little love for the OTHER 'I Kissed A Girl'

Well, she did make her start in Christian music. Wouldn’t want to get too wild. But yeah, you said everything I’ve been thinking. I feel bad for real lesbians who have to put up with this bullshit.

Katy Perry in an interview in the new Rolling Stone:

“[My parents] are just glad I’m not strung out doing centerfolds.”

In the same interview talking about the chorus of “I Kissed a Girl”:

“I love this! This is so taboo, though!”

On the strength of her song “Supermodel,” which was on the Clueless soundtrack, VH1 promoted her to two-hit wonder status. Of course, since I had never heard that song until watching the VH1 special, I’d tend to think of her as having just one big hit.

The kiss would’ve been out of place in Sobule’s video. The whole point is that she did it for herself, not for anyone’s entertainment.

As for Katy Perry’s video, I think the last paragraph of this perfectly captures the reason why there’s no on-screen kiss.

I have always adored Jill Sobule
I even started a thread about my “top 5” where she is on it way back in 2003

I too, when hearing the title announced on the radio first thought of Jill. If you can find a copy of her singing her song “money shot” it is also a funny entertaining song