Katy Perry on Sesame Street

For those of you who may not have heard there was a tiff about Katy Perry wearing a revealing outfit and showing off her cleavage in this skit with Elmo.

So what do you think? Was it truly inappropriate, or is this whole controversy just more posturing by PTC types?

So that’s Katy Perry.

Does any part of this story make sense? Why film this and then complain about her wardrobe; wasn’t there anyone on the set at the time who might have noticed?

Children have no idea there’s anything inappropriate about cleavage or that there’s even anything to notice there, and it gives the stay at home dads something to be interested in. That was a great little skit.

Nobody at the CTW knew that Katy Perry had big tits and like showing cleavage prior to scheduling her? That’s a pretty weak vetting process thay have going on over there…

Total non-issue. Shameful blue-nosery.

I thought kids were supposed to learn about sex from their friends in the Street. :wink:

So, what does “T” stand for again?

It’s a hot topic among my son’s thirteen year old friends. They were a little disappointed that it wasn’t more boobish.

I vote non-issue.

It reminds me of Lewis Black’s act when he talked about Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction. (Paraphrasing a bit): “It’s more damaging to the child to see and hear people freak out about seeing a breast than it is to see the breast itself.”

I don’t see what the big fuss is, but I’m sure they’re just trying to make up for the Count fiasco a few years ago.

Compared to what she normally wears this contained her breasts pretty well. the only point I thought it might be even a little inappropriate is when she was running towards the camera.

I have to agree with whoever suggested that they should have had an idea of who she was before she brought her on.

I have no idea how they filmed a whole scene with her breasts as uncovered as they are (which, as has been mentioned, is modest by Katy Perry standards), and then suddenly decide afterwards that it’s too racy? Did Katy Perry do this shoot at home with an iPhone and then send it in or something? Do they not have people checking what guest stars are wearing? Could I possible have any more questions?

It all seems so silly - I think the amount of breast is inappropriate for Sesame Street, but it is an issue that should have been taken care of well before the scene was filmed.

Oh please, a couple of years ago they debuted a new segment called Bert and Ernies Great Adventures. From the theme song

Every time the bed starts tappin’
Something special’s gonna happen
This IS kind of kinky

Ok, so technically he says “kicky” but there’s no doubt everyone working on it had a laugh before they changed it to “catchy” in response to the complaints.

Ah, so I guess that answers the age-old question about “are they” or “aren’t they.”

To answer the question about why they filmed it if they weren’t going to use it; the official story is that they filmed it, released it on YouTube first, got a lot of negative comments from parents who felt it was too revealing for a kids’ show, and then decided not to air it on the actual TV show.

I’m glad they axed the bit; not because I object to Katy Perry’s tits, but because I thought the skit was subpar for Sesame Street these days, and Katy Perry’s acting sucks. I much preferred Robert DeNiro as a cabbage, for example.

Could have been worse.


Considering some of the kids watching “Sesame Street” are still being breastfed anyway, I think this is a giant eye-roller. The dress isn’t indecent. The reaction is.

If you think that wrong, here are three more skits that makes you wonder who approves the skits over there.

"Law & Order Special Letters Unit, based on “Law & Order Special Victims Units,” which deals with sex crimes

“RSI: Rhyme Scene Investigation”- based on “CSI-Miami,” where people are killed in a variety of ways while someone tries to look cool in sunglasses

“True Mud”- based on HBO’s vampire show “True Blood” with sex and violence. It was canceled the day after Perry’s skit.

Katy Perry just recently played a surprise concert at her alma mater, Dos Pueblos High School here in Santa Barbara, and (some) people were bitching about her outfit. I wouldn’t have complained.

See for yourself what she was wearing (tight miniskirt with expected boob complementing halter).

Are you fucking kidding me? My classmates wore racier stuff than that.