Katy Perry on Sesame Street

I can see why they paired her with Elmo. She has to have lots of experience by now dealing with hairy, annoying idiots.

Jesus, what a load of shit. That was just a cute top; it wasn’t even racy.

Women have breasts. Big whoop. She wasn’t actually topless.

My wife watched the clip with my daughter and ended up having to explain to her why people were upset with it. My daughter could not find anything wrong with it on her own and completely missed that you could see part of Katy’s breats. I guess some other people were looking a lot closer then my 6-year old did. :slight_smile:

Gotta love the first panel here :D.

They axed a great Sesame Street song for a tempest in a B cup. :frowning:

More like a temptress in a C cup.

Much ado about nothing. I think Katy looks kinda cute in that clip…a little like Zoey Deschanel.

You have to wonder what the reaction would be like if it were someone other than Katy Perry wearing that outfit. I’d be willing to bet a lot of this is driven by what people already think of her rather than what’s happening here.

I think the funniest thing is that the outfit she is wearing (to play dress-up btw) has nude fabric covering her from shoulder to the top of the bustier, so her breasts and shoulders are FULLY COVERED!

She generally looks like Zooey Deschanel (or vice-versa). It’s very odd.

I tend to agree that probably most kids wouldn’t care, if they noticed. You create taboos by enforcing them; kids may not realise some type of clothing is racy, but they’ll certainly recognise parents and other adults trying to stop them watching it, or complaining about it.

Except that is clearly not true, judging by the jiggling. I think it’s covered only by thin sheer fabric, showing everything it appears to be showing.

Maybe it was half a step too far, but I don’t think it’s a problem. Kids see more sexually charged images on magazine covers and billboards.

Speak for yourself dude, I knew where to look when I was that age.

Sesame Street’s been doing that for years, though. I remember in the eighties there was a recurring “Miami Mice” sketch. Oh lordy lord, the horror, save them children all from the evil puns on popular TV series titles!

This is the first I’ve heard of Katy Perry. (I’m not bragging about my ignorance, and, yes, it is a lovely cave I live in.) Not only was the video inoffensive to me but it was kinda cute.

I think she looks like Fruitstripe gum. It’s a cute outfit. And yes, girls wear stuff that “racy” to school, but I can kinda see a parent getting exasperated. That skirt is too short for our school’s dress code. Imagine that every stinking morning you have to tell your daughter to put on something longer, or higher or that covers her navel and she fights and fights and then Katy shows up and she gets to say “what’s wrong with it? Katy Perrys’ was shorter.” Sigh.

After reading the article I might have been more put off by the Peacock mumber than her outfit. (Not in general, just in that setting).

That’d be the easiest argument ever: “Katy Perry is twenty six years old. You can show your bellybutton in ten years.”:smiley:

What? :confused: Not seeing anything scandalous in that clip.

People trying to cause some kind of to do about nothing over this will harm far more children than this clip would have.

Katie’s a grown-up; she doesn’t wear kids’ clothes. Isn’t it a parent’s job to reinforce discipline?

Hell, Elmo doesn’t wear any clothes at all.

As for the outfit, Jesus Christ, women have breasts, what is wrong with the world that this sort of thing upsets people?

Sesame Street stopped being a kids show when one of the muppets got the AIDS.

This episode was brought to you by the letter C.

Um, that dress is rubber. What school did you go to?!?!