Superbowl: WHAA??? Did Justin Timberlake expose Janet Jackson's breast?

Did I see what I thought I saw? As JT & JJ finished their big halftime number, JT reached over and pulled off JJ’s breastcup?


We have Tivo and it was completely choreographed - Justin actually ripped part of the costume off and her boob came out (nipple covered by a gold pastie). Bleh.

I knew I should have been watching more carefully. Damn SDMB!




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I’ve got a General Question: how many gallons of silicone do you figure are in that thing?

Saline, my boy, saline.

Did he forget to shave?

Or maybe a more important question would be, “Will MTV ever be able to produce another halftime?” The reports say it’s unlikely. I say yea right.

Did anyone honestly think something like this would NOT happen? It’s MTV for pete’s sake.

Drudgereport’s main page has a close-up.

I don’t think that’s a pastie.

It looks like one of these guys (different design though)

The exposed breast of a fit, attractive woman makes you go “ew”? My, my, my.

Well, I definitely don’t believe it was a “wardrobe malfunction” or any other kind of accident. Why else did she have that “nipple clipper” on except to expose it? I can’t think of any reason to wear one of those under clothes otherwise. It’s not a piercing, is it? (I don’t know much about these things.)

Definitely in bad taste and just playing to the testosterone audience. If it hadn’t produced an outrage, MTV would be grinning all over themselves.

Well she is a *Jackson[/], if she did plan it out, since she was wearing a solar whatever it’s called.

That’s the last time I make dinner during halftime.

snort That’s the last time I let my 9 y/o nephew watch the halftime show.

All I can say is that I’ve seen Janet Jackson’s titty, and witnessed the Ford GT commercial.

All is right and good with the world.


Ahh, so I’m behind the times. Nothing new there.

It makes me go ew, ew, ew too: not because of the nipple, but the lack of respect shown to the audience. Wrong time; wrong place. What a way to take a national ritual and use it for cheap publicity.

Hey, it worked, so I suppose that’s all that matters. I wouldn’t even know who played at the halftime show if it weren’t for the nipple.

This morning the groundhog saw Janet Jackson’s breast and dove back in his hole for 6 weeks.

Oh, yeah, right. Please. While we’re at it everyone forgets Kid Rock mutilated a US flag :wink:

In the SDMB Cafe Society thread about this there are other links and I propose the theory that (because of the song lyric “gotta have her naked by the end of this song” just seconds prior to the moment of revelation) the intent was that Justin would rip off the outer layer of Janet’s outfit, but indeed there WAS a “wardrobe malfunction” (or, Justin grabbed both layers instead of just the top one) and instead we got this.