Was that a nipple on SNL yesterday?

I was semi-watching classic SNL on E! yesterday and out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw a nipple on the screen behind Chevy Chase. I only fully turned my head to find his hand over some Playboy Playmate’s chest. I thought I had been recording it but no.

So did I see what I thought I saw?

Even if you did, so what? You have internet access. With the most trivial of effort, you can be drowning in nipples.

Whoever that skanky chick in Smashing Pumpkins is, you got a nice eyefull of her transparent shirt when they were the guest band on SNL a few years back.

Yes nipples galore on the internet, not the point though. I’m wondering if there was a nipple on NBC back on Jan 10, 1976. And if said nipple was allowed yet again to appear on E! yesterday.

It seems like something that would be cut out of any future showings on E!

Remember how John Ritter’s testicle was visible in an episode of THREE’S COMPANY, and no one noticed until a year or so back?

Stranger things have happened, I guess.

Correction: John Ritter’s scrotum may have been visible but his cojones were nestled safely inside.

Jeez, what was the thing with such freaking short gym shorts then?