A Conan thing

I don’t watch Conan O’Brien much, but the last two times I watched the beginning of his show, he did a thing where he opened his jacket, and played with his nipples. WTF is that all about? Both shows he did this. Is this a regular schtick of his? And what does it mean?

Not only does he pinch his nipples, he usually asks an audience member to pinch one too, and then he critiques their technique.

I love Conan, but all the show-opening nonsense (especially when he discusses the audience applause at length, every damn night), got old a long time ago.

Conan, and shows similar to Conan (the bevy of other late night talk shows) are where streaming and cord cutting really shine.
I rarely want to watch a full episode of any talk show; but I enjoy watching youtube videos of Conan when he (for example) has Kevin Hart on the show; or does some other funny shenanigans.
Same with Kimmel and Fallon. They’ll do funny bits that I enjoy watching; but overall… meh. I do enjoy watching video game reviews with Conan, Hash Tags on Fallon, and some of the street questions on Kimmel.

I don’t watch him these days but he’s been doing it for years. Originally, I think it was an “I’m so excited!” thing.

Craig used to do it too.

He’s been doing that since the 90s. It’s his way of showing how hot (sexy) he is by rubbing his steamy hot nipples. At least, that’s how he meant it to begin with. Not sure how it morphed.

I banged my right nipple on the edge of a car door (in the freezing cold) and couldn’t believe how bad it hurt!

I thought this would be a “Conan the Barbarian” thing. I got nothin…

How did that happen? I meant to say Craig Ferguson.

I can remember him doing that back when I first saw him. It would have been 1999 (my sophomore year in college).

I noticed that he always seemed to have only guys in the audience rub his nipple. But recently I saw him have a woman do it.

I thought the guy-only thing was a legal thing or to keep Mrs. Conan happy or some such. But I guess not.

So what does Jordan Schlansky do, anyway?

He has various responsibilities. His title is associate producer.

Heck, Billy Crystal used to make occasional references to his excitement-hardened nipples during his brief stint on Saturday Night Live, 1984-85.