A little out of date, but hell . . . Schwarzenegger's "Soviet tank" reference

Out of curiosity, I downloaded Arnold’s inaugaration speech off the Internet, because I have nothing better to do, and found this curious reference:

*“Perhaps some think this is fanciful or poetic, but to an immigrant like me,
who, as a boy, saw Soviet tanks rolling through the streets of Austria, to
someone like me who came here with absolutely nothing and gained absolutely
everything, it is not fanciful to see this state as a golden dream,”
Schwarzenegger said as he officially took the helm of the nation’s most
populous state and the world’s sixth-largest economy.

Now, at first listen, it sounds as if Arnold is trying to contrast seeing those Soviet tanks occupying his country to his success in America 50 years later . . . .


  1. I thought England-France-United States troops occupied Austria at the end of WW2;

  2. And even IF it was the Soviets (and the more I think about this, I think they might have occupied Austria, but backed out as part of a settlement, but I can’t find anything on this) wouldn’t that mean that Arnold is making a tragic reference to . . . the Russians defeating . . THE NAZIS???

  3. Arnold Schwarzenegger is 56 years old. That means he was born in 1947. If the commies DID occupy Austria, how long were they there? It can’t be much past 1948 or 49. As a 56 year old man does he really have any recollection of the Soviet tanks in his country from memories as a 1 or 2 year old???

I know the LA Times printed an article about this, but I don’t really have the time to sign up for their internet service.

Can anyone shed any more light on the Arnold “tank” comment? Sounds like political fact twisting to me . . .



oops, just realized that the second one there is to another board. Will report to moderator myself.

The Allies (Soviets) pulled out of Austria in 1955. That’s the beginning of modern Austrian independence.

Thanks for those links! My Bullshit Detector went to red when I heard that reference in his speech! :smiley:

Austria is slightly smaller than the state of Maine

It is totally conceivable that sometime before 1955 Arnold’s family visited a part of Austria that was occupied by the Soviets. California is about 155,000 sq/miles(roughly 380,00 sq/km) and my 10 year old son has been to most parts of it.

Yeah, that struck me as odd, too.

Yes, they were Soviet tanks, but they were there as part of the Allied force at the end of the war.

Not sure what Arnold’s point was.