Arnold Schwarzenegger's Message

Saw it this morning and thought it worth sharing.

Well to be fair he also said he admired Hitler when he thought it would help his raise the profile of the documentary Pumping Iron in a totally self-serving way.

Schwarzenegger admits to admiring Hitler’s speaking skills in new memoir

Arnold Schwarzenegger has long combated rumors alleging that he praised Adolf Hitler. In his new autobiography, “Total Recall,” the former California governor admits to praising the Nazi leaders speaking style but says he always opposed Hitler’s policies.

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Good speech, right moment.

Best quotes from it IMHO
“He will soon be as irrelevant as an old tweet.”

“President-Elect Biden, we wish you great success as our President. If you succeed our nation succeeds.”

Yep which makes it even more egregious when he did it to garner controversy to propel his own name and fame.

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The riot took me off guard. I had intended to sit down for a few minutes to watch Biden’s confirmation while I was watching the votes move in the direction of the two new Senators from Georgia. Like a lot of people, I suspect, the whole thing was just a big shock. Then trying to make any sense of it was time consuming and emotionally draining.

I didn’t really realize I needed to hear other people’s stories and the words of hope at the end. It was a good message. Thanks, Gov!

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Now you see this sword? Take a good, close look at this sword…

See also my post in the coup thread about an article written by Arnold published before the insurrection. The link to the article is in that post but doesn’t appear in the preview here.

It’s Conan’s sword.

The one he used when he fought Jay for control of The Tonight Show.

I thought it was a very moving speech. The fact he’s an immigrant who consciously chose to become an American gives his words extra meaning. The fact he’s a Republican and known for his “tough guy” roles in the movies might make It more convincing to Trump supporters.

Anyway, I hope it gets widely distributed. It can’t hurt and it might help just a little.

I was very happy to see this. It could be a useful tool for reaching certain demographics. That is probably wishful thinking, but I need hope right now.

And now I’m going to read the video’s comments to slap myself back into depression. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m always leary when people start comparing actions to the Nazis but Arnold really put that together well. It was such an American speech, too: hammer the opposition but end with a positive we-will-overcome message. A lot of great points. Excellent speech.

Here in St. Louis I used to play a weekly chess game with a retired Anheuser Busch brewmeister — a German whom AB brought to the US in the 1960s. He was in his teens during WW-2, and when he was 15 he tried to enlist in the submarine corps. They told him to come back when he was 16. Fortunately the war ended before then.

In 2002 when Dick Cheney and George W were conducting a disinformation campaign to make the public believe that Iraq was responsible for the 9-11 attacks, he said that “this was how it began in Germany.” That had been my personal impression at the time, and it was sort of nice to hear it endorsed by someone with direct experience.

The fact that Arnie once admired Hitler’s speaking skills makes him merely an accurate observer. Mussolini was also an impressive speaker. As was Lenin. As was Milosevic. That’s the whole point. All these people gathered massive crowds.

I was really moved by this. Let’s hope people will listen. Points for Arnie in my book.

And it’s really hard for non-German speakers to appreciate the point he was trying make about admiring Hitler’s oratory skills.

Not to distract from the message, but what is that uniform-y thing he’s wearing?

Looks like a jacket of some sort. US and California flags on the shoulders and the Governor’s Seal on the chest.

It was a great video. Especially when he equated Proud Boys with Nazi’s