a.m. lawn mowing

I’m too tired to give this the pitting this deserves. If I’m being too whiny, please forgive me. Isn’t 7:45 on a SATURDAY morning too early for our landlord to send over her mowing minion? IMHO out of sheer courtesy, loud tools of any kind should not be used before noon. I probably wouldn’t even mind if this occurred during the week when, most likely, people would have to be up for work and such. BUT, this early on a Saturday morning…come on. If you have to wear ear protection for the job you’re doing, it shouldn’t be happening before 8:00 this morning!

Is this legally defined where you are?

From memory, I seem to recall the earliest time in my jurisdiction for stuff like operating lawnmowers is 7:30am. However, I think you’d have to be a jerk to do it much before 9.

Noisy stuff = business hours, IMHO. Approximately, anyway.

I hear ya, and I agree with you. But, considering I recently got a letter from the local council saying that it was perfectly okie-dokie that my neighbour, building a house, could use heavy machinery from 7.30 am to 8 pm, Monday to Saturday (with a day off on Sunday, oh joy!) – I’d say that anything after 7.30 am will just be treated as reasonable out in the 'burbs.

Yes, too early. The landlord is being rude.

I now have a mower-guy, but before I did I made sure never to mow before 9 AM (even though I’m up by 5 most days.)

having said that, here is how weird I am - I read your title as: a.m lawn meowing.

I even read mowing minion as meowing minion in your post the first time I read it.

Actually, for a surprisingly large portion of the world, things start to break loose at 7 a.m. on summer Saturday mornings. It’s cool out, there’s a whole weekend in front of you, so people make the most of it.

So you’re just lucky your lawn mower stopped to finish his coffee before he jumped in the truck. :smiley:

By the way, “mowing minion” will be one of those phrases I’ll have to try to remember. Very apt.

I wait until 9 just to be nice, but I’d much rather do it at 8. By 9 it’s almost too hot for me to mow. By noon, forget about it.

I’d probably moan about it, but it’s close enough to 8am that I wouldn’t think I’d have any grounds to. It’s impossibly hot down here right now, I’m surprised people don’t want to start mowing as soon as it gets light.

I also sleep with earplugs. :smiley:

7:00 is the local law. The construction noises start right after that. Perfectly quiet, and then you jump out of bed, if their using heavy equipment near you.

The other morning we had the council road sweeping vehicle come down our street at 6.30 am. I suppose they chose this time because it was before the street fills up with commuters who park all day. Otherwise they would never have been able to sweep the gutters. But it was still very noisy !

I agree that the midday summer heat makes this a morning activity. Of course, I’m a heavy sleeper, so I don’t get bothered by noises outside the apartment. Obviously, YMMV. If anything, the sound of another person working when I’m relaxing only makes me appreciate my comfort more.

I sympathize with wanting to get the mowing done before it gets too hot, but I also feel that 7:30am on Saturday is *sleep * time, and I wish horrible, horrible things on people who wake me up early on weekends.

I’m much more tolerant of homeowners doing their own yardwork early on a weekend morning than I am of landscapers working early on a weekend morning. Landscapers are going to be working at noon anyway, so there’s no reason to pay them to wake up your tenants at ungodly hours.