A Maryland Yankee in King Arthur's Court!

… or, I guess I should be saying, returned from King Arthur’s Court, i.e. England. My last post here was asking for advice on what to see. Well, I’ve just gotten back a few hours ago and lemme tell you, the jet lag is still there. At least, that’s how I interpret this feeling that the room is still moving. (No, I’m not drunk… :slight_smile: )

Well, I didn’t get to see anything anyone here suggested, because of the limits of time and circumstance, with the possible exception of the London Eye, which I saw from the windows of the train. We spent the week in the far east country, in the sleepy resort town of Broadstairs, a former home to Dickens. I say ‘we’ because this was a family occasion; my grandmother was turning 90 and family & friends gathered from parts near & far. We did go to Canterbury one day, Greenwich one day to see the Cutty Sark and Thames Barrier, and London proper one day to hit the Science Museum and a little shopping.

[li]Dang, these cars are small![/li][li]British TV isn’t much better than American TV anymore.[/li][li]Hi, Opal![/li][li]Many, many beautiful ladies, few of which would talk to me. Just like in America![/li][/list=a]

That’s all I can remember for now. I’m going to lie down now, and hopefully the room will cease moving. Cheerio!